Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New York time again.

Three new images from old NY.

Hello everyone.

Here are the next three images from old times.
The first one shows U.S. Custom house.
This looks like an impressive building, but newer photos shows that today it's not that big after all. But, it is a very nice building. The sculptures in front represent the four continents: Asia, America, Europe and Africa and they helps make the huge impression. I'm especially attracted to the flying flags, they always make me feel good. It's almost like they're expressing : Here we are and we're proud of it.
You can read more about this building over here.

The printed text says: "The U.S. Custom House occupies an entire block at the foot of Broadway facing Bowling Green between Whitehall and State Streets to Bridge Street. It is a magnificent carved granite structure, the finest of its kind in the world, erected between 1901-1907 at a cost of $7,200,000. The site was formerly occupied by Fort Amsterdam."

The next image shows: Hudson Terminal and Tubes.

Have a look at the boats, steamboats! It's interesting looking at old images, they can tell so much about the time back then.
The printed text says:" The Hudson Terminal Building on Church Street,between Cortland and Fulton Streets are twin structures, and together from the largest office building in the world. The weight is estimated at 200,000 tons, resting on a cofferdam 400x178 feet, 75 to 98 feet deep. It is 22 stories 375 feet high and has office room for 20,000 people. Twin tubes enter the basement from Jersey City."

It occures to me that the infrastructure was so well planned back then. While we still was using horses if we had one. :-)

The last image today shows: The Post Office.

Wow, if only the those offices could look the same today.
The printed text says:" The General Post Office, located at the intersection of Broadway and Park Row is one of the finest granite buildings in the world. It has 47 branches 251 sub-stations and there are 38 other post Offices with 76 branches with a total of 410 sub-stations for the entire city. The General Post Office also contains the offices of the U.S. District and Circuit Courts."

It seems to be a lot of the best/largest/finest in the world. Probably used to build the nations fellowship. Just as many of our painters back then made all those romantic landscape paintings.

That was all for today, I hope you have enjoyed it.
Take care and thanks for visiting.

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