Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My first try on ages.


I finally sat down in my studio and did something.

Oh my, I'm completely out of practice! It's been such a long time since I created anything that, at first, I didn't know what to do or how to do it. This face is made on a A-5 sketching sheet not meant for watercolors. I did it just to get started.
I think I need a challenge to work up my skills again. Perhaps I'll make a piece a day during August as I did once before. I was actually thinking of making another one of my painting/embroidery pieces, showing my visit in the US, but that'll have to wait until I can manage to draw again.
Later on today I'm going to pick up a series of books to read, I believe it's 52 in the series. I did read them years ago and want to reread them now. That is a factor which can stop me from making art on a daily bases. When I first get my nose in a book, it's always difficult to let go of the book.
I bought alot of different art supplies when in the US and do want to try them out too. I'll tell you more about that in another post, now I'm off to enjoy the sunshine. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Charmimg America, as I saw it.

Old and lonely houses are charming to me.

I saw plenty of them and photographed many. There is something beautiful with old worn houses as long as one don't own them. Many of them, way out in the loneliness.
Some is still in use and others left to maturity. I had a hard time choosing which one to show off. Below is a farm still in use, and very charming. 

The grannyhouse. Can you imagine being a child and having this great field filled with daisies? I can. It might as well be an old schoolhouse or another kind of a public house, but to me it became the perfect grannyhouse.
I always wonder about the people who built their homes far far out in the prairie. How lonely it must have been, not seeing another person for weeks maybe months. They must have been brave people. 
Another house left to maturity. 
One thing's for sure, nobody could come visiting surprisingly. Flat land as far as the eye could see. 
Abowe all, this last one is my favorite. Have a look at the beautiful scenery. It surprised me that I was so drawn to all these old houses. But, it's the stories, people and the lonliness that make them intrersting.
All these houses were photographed while we were driving from one city to another, across America. I can't tell excactly where they are from.
Of all the things I saw in America, these old houses made the the biggest impression. I did see alot of beautiful cityscapes and single houses in the citys too, but out there in the wide open with all that magnificent scenery. It won't be better than that, in my opinion. America, it is a beautiful country!
In fact, the prairie was a very pleasent surprise to me. At a first glance there's nothing there but it changed in colors and view all the time. Warm and dry not cold and wet as we left it back home. I simply loved it. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Home again after a fantastic tour in the US.

We had the most wonderful time.

Almost four weeks on the go, we drowe across the continent. Wow, what a wonderful country to visit.
It all started in Des Moines, Iowa, to visit some family. They, the family, made our days pleasent in every meaning of the word. Showed us around the city and even took us to visit an old american house down town. She who lived in the house was a norwegian married to an american. It was tough of her to accept our visit on a very short note. She was, by the way, leaving for Norway the next morning.

From Iowa we drowe down to Saint Louis. We stayed in a beautiful hotel down town and had two busy days. There was so much to see and take part in, and now, when back home, I think that is the sad part of it all. We had too little time to really get the feel of each city.

We did enter the top of The Arch, almost 200 meters high. Up there we had a room with a view one might say. The photo below is taken from up there.

 Click to enlarge, and notice all the tall buildings popping up in the background. This was a good place to visit, we walked to do anything. No car needed.
We also spent an evening sailing on Missisippi River, mostly because of all the historic events. Reading books often results in good feelings about certain things/places and Missisippi is one of them.
My sister in law, Anne, and I were out shopping and found some really good pieces to bring back home. Clothes, that was. While shopping it started raining and the five minutes it took us to run back to the hotel, we got soaking wet to the skin. I don't think I have ever seen a rainshower like that. Best thing though was that the warmth didn't disappear. Normally that's what's happening here, once the rain is there the air is cooling down.

Below is the sunset on Missisippi, an evening I won't forget.

An early morning handyman and I went for a walk and we came across this cool sculpture. It was very pretty and quite big. I instantly fell in love with it and was glad I brought my camera.

Let me finish by telling that we had the lovliest weather anyone can ask for the entire vacation. I do understand that the heat can be hard for the americans who have to put up with it all the time, but for me, it was like a dream.

I'm thinking of doing a little series of this, so each Sunday from now on will be the day to read more about our adventure.
Take care and enjoy your days everyone.