Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Old NY, transportation.

It's time for some old images again.

Today it's all about transportation, bridges, railroad and ferries.
This first card shows : Hell Gate Bridge, east river, New York city. This bridge opened in 1916. It was the longest steel- arch bridge in the world. It held that title until the Bayonne Bridge opened in 1931.
The printed text says: " Hell Gate Bridge crosses Hell Gate, Ward's Island, Randall's Island, Bronx Hills, to New York, and is the longest steel arch bridge in the world. Length 1.000 feet, hight 200 feet, weight 80.000 tons, concrete towers 200 feet high. Cost $ 14,000,000."
You can find an article about this bridge over here.

The second card shows : Williamsburg Bridge.

The printed text says: " Williamsburg Bridge crosses East River from Delancey and Clinton Streets, Manhattan, to Broadway, Brooklyn. Is a combine cantilever and suspension bridge. Opened Dec. 19, 1903, cost 10 million dollars. Crossed daily by about 400,000."

These two bridges are beautiful examples of good engeneering. Funny though that this last one is the oldest of these two. I would have guessed it the other way around.

My third card today shows : Elevated Railroad Curve at 110th Street, New York.
The printed text says :" Elevated Railway Curve at 110th Street; at this point the elevation is higher than in any other part of the city. Reaching a hight equal to five stories and requiring elevators at the station to take up and down the passengers. New York City is famous for it's elevated railroads; this is one of the most noted sections."
It's quite special that the people back then saw the necessity to lift the traffic up high. Well, in my head it is.
You can read a very old article about the elevated railroads here.

The last image today shows : Municipal Ferries and Lower New York.
This card doesn't have any printed text on it, so I can't tell you any more about it. I couldn't find any article to show you since I couldn't be sure if it was the right one I'd found.

Hope you've enjoyed it.
Have a nice day and take care.

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