Thursday, August 18, 2011

My 16th face.

Today I'll show you my painting step by step

Today I want to show you how my faces are made.
This first image shows the final drawing, as I imagine it to be. I'm thinking of painting a child wearing a cap and a jacket with fur edges.

This is how it looks with the first layer of paint.

Second layer of paint.

Third layer and some shadows. At this stage I can see that this child is not going to look as young as I wanted, and therefor I start looking for an alternative.

Fourth layer of paint and some highlights. I did regret the shadows at the cheeks so I removed them. I also chose to change the clothes into a cape with a hood instead of what I first thought of. This solution seems to fit better to this child.

I changed the hood a bit and added some colour to the face. Eyes, mouth and painted the fur.

This is the final result, I can see that the highlights are not that well done in this one but I chose not to change that. The child is now somewhere between 8 and 12 years old instead of 2 to 4 as I was thinking of to start with.

It is very exiting to do these faces and to see how they turn out. I'll have to practice small children to learn the differences in the lines. Children are very different in every way and I want to learn about it.

I hope you've enjoyed my journey with this one and how things can change during the process.

Have a nice day and take care everyone.


  1. Du e så flink Laila<3

  2. Fantastisk flott utrykk. Kjenner en som har en sånn munn:) Fine stjernehimmel.

  3. Ser ganske nifs ut prosessen, med et supert resultat.