Monday, August 15, 2011

Little Sunday princess.

Say hello to my sweet little Sunday-princess.

Good morning.

I had my doubts about this painting. I've tried so many times to draw a child but I find it very difficult. But I did it this time, yay!!

This was made on day 14 so now I'm soon half done. I am really amazed to see what I can do. ME!!? I had no idea of this before now. I think it was because of Norah's blog. Not that much what she does but HOW she does it. I really have learnt much of her way of mixing colours. And of course the fact that this is not a competition. I've kept asking myself what is the worst thing that can happen? The answer is NOTHING and that makes me much less afraid of trying things.
This painting was my last using a photo as inspiration at least for a week. Coming week I'll try to use my imagination when drawing and painting. I really look forward to that.

My girl today may not be the best in the world but she's MINE and I LOVE her. She has these "following eyes" too so I kind of feel she's a bit alive.
What I have learnt is that it all depends on the time spent. If I give myself enough time with each painting it will be good. (at my level that is) That way it can be a little drawback to decide one each day.

This girl is made by using acrylics and I don't know how many times I've been painting over her face. It's a wonder that I can't rip her off the paper in one whole piece. Besides acrylics I always use water soluble crayons to make the irises. I find it much easier to achieve that "glazy" effect by using them. She don't look like the girl I used as guidance at all. Of course the shape of her face and the angle are the same but it stops there. Perhaps next time I should show you my inspiration photo as well as the result.

Enough for today, I'm going to draw a new face, I just hope it will work for me even without a photo to look at. Take care!

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  1. wow - this is so sweet - i can see that you are having fun with this project!