Saturday, August 13, 2011

Some art journaling.

Just something I did in my journal.

The first spread was my thoughts after the big disaster in Oslo a few weeks ago. I didn't feel for using colours at all and I think my spread can speak for itself.

This page shows a face I did in a hurry some days ago. One should think that my "one face a day during August challange" was more than enough faces but it's addictive. I find myself drawing/sketching small faces or parts of them all over. It's kind of testing things out. An eye in a different angle or a nose seen from below and even complete small faces.

This specific face is made using water soluble crayons and markers only. I had decided to try my waterbrush on a bigger surface. The brush is very good but the result is more wet than if I use a "normal" brush. I have a bit less control (UHA) but it's great when blending colours. All in all I like the waterbrush very much, but when I'm in need of control I wouldn't dream of using it. Making eyes for instance.

As I spoke about in an earlier post, I'm thinking of drawing without a photo as inspiration next week. I think it's important not to be too dependent of a photo, that would easily lead to limitations.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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