Friday, February 18, 2011

As promised !

As I promised here are the image of the heart. It turned out quite well, and inside the card I'll sew on a little pocket to leave something in. As you can see I did zigzag around the whole card just to make it "familiar" to the motif. As a result of sewing the heart I got an Image of the heart inside the card. Good space to write something nice to the receiver.

The colours are a bit brighter than the image shows, probably something I don't know about using images in these posts........

It's been a while now !

I have been occupied doing other things for a while, but now I have done something to blog about.I have played with my watercolours again. I had almost forgotten how fun that is. It's all these different colours that inspires me. The other day I passed a shelf full of coloured pencils in a bookstore and I had to buy some. The following pictures are the result.

First I made these two cards. They look quite easy to make, but it's time consuming after all. I intend to make a lot more cards, always good to have when in need.

Actually this was what I started with. As you can see it's in progress and it's not a card. I don't know what it ends up like but time will show.

This last one is just a sketch ( just passed Valentine you know)but I ended up painting it and right now in this writing moment I know how to use it.
I'll cut the heart out and use my sewing machine and sew it onto another cardboard. Wow that will be exiting perhaps it ends up as a card after all. Promise a picture when finished.
Have a nice weekend.