Monday, November 26, 2012

Creative weekend.

I had alot of fun making a new product for my shop.

Even though I've made these small bags earlier, it took me alot of work to make this one. It's lined and that created some problems for me. The crocheted part is stretchy and the lining isn't. But after several tries I managed to make it as I wanted it to be. Have a look.

 The gloves and pearls are stash only, to make a sweeter photo. This particular photo isn't in use in my shop.
It was so fun making this bag, and I've used all kind of fibers. The fabric is linen and the lining is cotton.

I also got my swap-adresses this weekend, so it's time to ship my cards too. I ended up making more than needed so the ones below are the ones that will be sent.

I hope you've had a great weekend too!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Busy days.


I have used the last couple of days to prepare the opening of my shop.

For a long period of time I have been thinking of this, and now was the time. I plan to add alot more into the shop, but first I want to see if there are any responce. I have ordered some adverticement the next couple of weeks and hope that will help make my shop known. So, I'll take it from there.

Go have a look and let me know if you have any suggestions for changing things.


I have made anotherone of my funny folk paintings with old words onto it. Todays word is difficult to translate, or more correctly I'm not quite sure what word to use. Perhaps one of you can help?

She's washing and? have alot going on, could I use the word struggling? You know, being busy with alot of things all day.

Oh boy, just when I was going to upload this photo I was told I have no storagespace left. I lost my head, my courage and my BLOG!! What to do???
Well, handyman fixed it. He simply bought me some extra storage. Oh, I love that man! Normally I don't loose my senses, I'm quite good at fixing things, but when it comes to tecknical stuff I'm lost. But, that's where handyman has his strength. How much luck might a girl have??

Take care !

Monday, November 19, 2012

A new idea.


I got some new ideas during the weekend.

A girl standing next to me sold potholders with funny animals on. You know, fabric printed with any kind of funny animals. When I saw them I got the idea to paint funny persons and add some text.
I have been discussing with friends lately about how our language is changing, and that it's sad with all these words disappearing. Old words filled with meaning are no longer in use, like the word Moster as I have told you about earlier. Even my son asks me for these old words. He knows that I know them and still uses them as often as the situation allows it.
My idea is to make some art pieces and include the words. These words are known only to people around where I live, other parts of our country have their own ways of expressing the same things. I have to admit that I take a special interest in these old words, so that's part of it too. It warms my heart that my son seems to have the same interest.  I hope to save the words by using them in my artwork. That's my idea.

Todays word or expression is: haurt saure? which means : heard such thing? Most often it's used when commenting a surprise, good or bad. I won't say it's negative but most often I've heard it used when commenting something as nonsens.
I think this can be a fun thing to do, and I'm also inspired from this blog. I'll never be as good as her to make the funny people but I'll make them my own
The painting abowe is my first try, and I was amazed to notice that her eyes reminds alot of one of my nieces.

Christmas market.

The weekend is over and it's time to sum up.

I didn't sell much. What did sell was the amigurumis, I had seven and could probably have sold more. There were alot of people visiting and there were a good feeling. In beforehand I had good expectations for my dolls but they didn't sell. Many people liked them though and smiled at them while passing. Too expensive I guess.
But, I learned alot and am not sad. I know what to do if I join in next year. This was my first time so I had much to learn, and I did. All in all it was a fun event. Both Saturday and Sunday a male choire visited and sang beautiful hymnes and Christmas songs. I love choires with male voices only, there's something special about that.


I don't think I've told you about my latest purchase. I happened to stumble upon a book made by my all time favorite Christmas artist. I wrote about him before Christmas last year and wrongly called him Andreas Midthun. His name is Kjell E. Midthun. He has specialized on painting nisser, ( a combo of a gnome and a santa) The book contains alot of new images and I simply love them all. You can see some of the paintings here. if you choose to preview the book.
A favorite of mine, in this book, is a painting called Easy Rider, where Nissen rides a bike. Another one is called National grief, where Nissene are in grief because of July 22nd.
I'm so glad I found the book, and I already have bought some Christmas cards for sending this year.

I hope you've had a nice weekend too.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Christmas market and a trade.


 Finally the day has come.

Now I have no more time to speculate on how to do things, and that's good. This evening I was there to set up my space and tomorrow it all begins. This is a new experience to me and I have no idea of what people are searching for. I might have missed out on everything I made. Friends of mine that saw my things speaks well of it, so all I can do now is to wait and see.
It was fairly quick done to organize my things, I don't have too much. Many oyhers had lots and lots of goods. It wasn't easy to photograph in there, so you'll have to see some not that good photos. The bunad sacks are not mine, but I allowed her to use that space.

Can you spot my glasses in one of the shelves? It's so iritating, they're still there. I'll have to do without them untill I'm back to pick them up tomorrow.
 Please, keep your fingers crossed for me for this whole thing, I probably need it.

When I returned home this evening a wonderful surprise waited for me in the mailbox. Lee and I have a trade going and today her part arrived at my home, the same day as I shipped mine. This must be a good sign for coming weekend, I think. Thanks alot Lee for the beautiful card, I love it! And yes, it reached me in one piece.
To the rest of you, have a look, isn't it beautiful ?

Have a nice weekend everyone, mine is going to be busy I hope.

Monday, November 12, 2012

It sort of grew.

I have no idea of how many times I've been trying to write this post.


When I first realized  what this was all about, I couldn't find the words to explain it. If I wrote my posts in Norwegian it wouldn't cost me much, but in English it's much harder.
The monsterfish was made without any plans. I just sat down and worked on intuition. But something happened when I, at the end, added the text. I felt it needed some more.

Without further thinking I started to work on the next page and came up with what you see below. Still I had no plans other than to make a matching image. I added a quick little text and thought , yes, this is fun.
It wasn't before hours later it dawned on me what this really ment.
The monsterfish has it's focus on freedom, and the fishes in the bowl feels free too. I think that was what started my thinking.   Freedom, what excactly does that mean?
Why is it that a person loaded with obligations still feels free as a bird, while a person with long hours off duty doesn't feel free at all?
Freedom doesn't always have to be without limitations, to be within a "frame" and still feel free can be just as good and in many ways even better. When it comes to humans, I don't think one can feel real free without knowing and accepting the total of self. It's as easy and hard as that, I believe. This theme could be transfered to alot of other things too, but I'll leave it up to you to think for yourself.
Isn't it unbelievable what some fishes in an art journal can lead to?

See the flowers bottom left and top right? They're cut-outs from a papertowel, glued down with matte medium, drawn and painted when dry. Using the matte medium gives them a very interesting surface.

Sandra and I had a good time painting together. She is nearly done in her first art journal, so Saturday we went out to buy her a new one. Next time, we need to make her a cover for the finished one. She has asked for that. Maby we'll try to make her some paper-cloth for that purpose.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Time didn't excist.


I had a fantastic day yesterday.

I was working in my journal and didn't notice a thing before Handyman came back from work. I really felt how much I've missed it, that good feeling to just let go.
It was all about faces, hair (!!) and laces. Can you tell I had fun?
I often wonder how all these girls have enough space in my pencil, eh....they do live in the pencils, don't they? Who are they, why do they look as they do? I also wonder wether my girls looks the same or if they have anything in common. Is it possible to tell that I made these girls? No matter what, I have fun making them and I don't get bored of it either.
Notice her lace dress, I made it with my white pen and added some shadows. It looks quite real, doesn't it? I glued bookpaper patches onto the pages before starting my work. It's not all that easy to paint on top of that but it adds so much that it's worth the extra work.

I almost gave up on the one below. Not at any point she would cooperat. She was a struggle from start to end, but now I like her.  I used much less paint in her face and the letters shines through. At the beginning I didn't like it, but now I think it's cool. Notice her throat too. Sorry that you can't read the text but it says:

It's always a problem figuring out a great hairstyle while drawing.

Some times a rainhat makes a big difference in a girls life.

Her dress is special made for her, one of a kind worldwide. I always end up not knowing what to do below the throat. The dress is from a background paper I made awhile back, cut out and glued on top of something I disliked. Her arms, you ask..........pftttttttttt  she had to amputate them. But let me tell you, she's really good using her feet.

 They live next door to one another, and just as I write this I see that one is out-standing and the other withdrawn. It's the size that does it. My fish/monster had to wait, I so much wanted to make these girls.

I know I have to do this more often, it's just that there are so many other things I want to do too. Isn't that what we call a luxury problem?
Thanks for visiting, it's always so inspiring.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Art journaling.


I finally worked in my journal again.

It isn't excactly a Monet and it's far from done but at least I did something in my journal. You probably know how often we're looking for new items that can become good stencils. I found one yesterday. My old and well used glass ( can't find the word) in which I store my glasses. I cut up the sewing and stencil.

The only thing I need to get hold of is a good roller. Below is my first try, not bad. I'll have to make a new one for storage of my glasses,but these things happens from time to time.

The page was already paint when I start working. I added some clear tar gel to see if I could achieve a certain effect, but that didn't work well. I'll try it over again later on. The Monster / fish is a leftover from earlier projects. I have no clue on how this will end, but then again that's part of the fun.

I think I was inspired from the radio today, a childrens program, they were talking of a monster living under a childs bed.
Sandra is coming this afternoon so perhaps we will continue painting together.  Rainy and stormy so it suits well to stay indoors playing. Enjoy your weekend too!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012



We have a Birthday to celebrate here today.

Handyman was born in 1956 and today he turns 56, once in a lifetime for some of us. I had to make him two cakes, one to bring to work and one for this evening. He so much love a cake I make called Icelandic cake. Easy to make and tastes good.

Eggwhites, sugar, coconut mass and dark chocolate in bits. On top whipped cream with chocolate bits in it.

Whipped cream missing here 

There won't be any artmaking today, but I might continue planning my work for next year. My art journal has been abandoned for such a long time now, and that's the way it will be if I don't plan a bit. I am  making myself a plan for each Sunday next year or for once a week at least. I'm thinking of involving my senses ( pardon the pun), paint a feeling ......... make an ironic comment to last week's headlines, Paint my favorite music at the moment and so on. I think it might be fun and I'm going to vary it so each time will be very different from one another.
What about you, do you have any plans for next year?
I'm also researching another issue, thinking to make a series if I can get enough information.
I have a house to clean up,so this will be it for today.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Good friends are a blessing.


I signed up in the postcard swap after all.

The theme for this swap is empowerment, and as I was thinking of what to do/ how to approach it I got serious problems. Empowerment, how does one express that? The excact translation of the word made it even more difficult. Empowerment, it's an idea more than a single word and that's what makes it hard to nail the essence.
In the middle of my thinking a friend of mine came visiting, and she became my rescue. We were brainstorming, (she brained and I stormed.) She told me about the origin of the word, in which circumstances it arose and how it should be understood. Giving people the right tools to take care of their own lifes,among other things.  I'm overwhelmed by her knowledge, far beyond everything I know. Good friends are a blessing, and this particular one is close too.

To discuss with friends makes the whole picture clearer, the essence of things are brought to the surface in a much more effective way. I'm thankful and decided to make a card for her too.

When it comes to the swap, I have chosen to focus the importance of art. Art is an important tool in so many ways, and for some people the only way of opposing against their regimes. I don't think those people will participate in this swap though, but it's worth spending some moments thinking of it.

Four of my five cards for this swap. I used twinkling H2O's  painted and sewed on layered tissue paper. In fact I was in the middle of a process working with tissue paper, so it suited well to test my work making these cards. One more to go and I'm done. Fun doing and learning as well.

Here is the link to iHanna, not too late to sign up if you want to share the fun!

Be well and have fun this weekend!

Friday, November 2, 2012

In motion


My girl is done for now. I call it "Over here"

 I'll have to look at it for awhile to see if I'm pleased. It's not always easy to tell when in the middle of working. Her hair is done using Golden fluid acrylics, the fluids are a dream to work with but I'm not that happy for the shiny result though. Her shirt was painted over, mainly because I forgot myself and made the busy background. It's not the first time I paint over a magazine outcut, somehow I never feel comfortable using that when I'm working on canvas.

I'm up for a new trade and that always leads to great inspiration. Right now I'm working with tissuepaper, painting and sewing on it. I strongly consider to sign up for iHanna's postcard swap even though I'm quite busy at the moment. I missed it this spring and so much want to join in.
Things has been settled regarding to Christmas market. My friend and I will have two tables and that mean that I can bring my homemade "shop" I'm pleased with that, the dolls and shoes looks better in that invironment. The market is held 16th to 18th of November.
I'll leave you with this today, I have work to do.
Enjoy your day!