Thursday, September 1, 2011

Playing with my friend.

We had a joyful day.


My friend and I had a joyful day yesterday.
The spread below was made on Tuesday but I did some small finishing touches yesterday and therefor it's dated 31th.
I made a decision to make an Owl a day the next 14 days. It's always exciting to see how much the results can differ using the same image. An Owl is ok to use because of its shape. It's easy to draw and not that timeconsuming, and 14 days are not that long.
My first Owl is made upon a background I made a long time ago. It wasn't the easiest thing I've done (using an old background for a new idea) but I think it came out well. I'm trying to integrate the papers used on my pages and sometimes it works and other times it don't. All in all I'm pleased with this spread.

Here you can see my friend, Margit, fully consentrated to find an image to use on her page. She had not been doing this before but she liked it and felt for starting on her own.
We had some fingerfood to eat during our artmaking and we had lots of good laughs too. The photo shows a tiny corner of my Owl too.

This is how my Owl finally came out. It's a bit fun and I'm not too happy over it's legs but I drew and painted them before thinking. The maths I don't understand but my darling husband do and he told me how to write it down. I needed some "smarty" stuff and for me maths are just that.

It was a really joyful day and we agreed to repeat it, perhaps together with yet another friend.
Have a nice day everyone and thanks for visiting.


  1. How lovely to spend a day with your friend 'playing' - there is nothing like a day of good company and art. I really love your owls. It seems like owls are popping up all over, what is it about these little creatures that captures the imagination. Maybe after your 14 days of exploring with them you might have some sort of answer.

  2. Kjekt å se M igjen, hilse. Spennende sider, med klokker og målebånd. Fine ugler. Lets see, det vil blir alt for i dag.