Monday, August 8, 2011

Girl # 6 / 31

My best so far.

Hello out there.

Well, the vacation is over and things back to normal again. We've had a nice and useful time at home. Cleared out a lot of old stuff and get rid of it.

I'm very satisfied with todays painting, and I can hardly understand that I've made this. Ofcourse I could point out some things that I wish was better, but I won't. One can't have it all.
I spend quite some time on the drawing because I'm not that familiar to the shapes to just paint without a good drawing first. I believe this girl lived in my pencil and wanted to come out, it almost did itself.
My biggest "fear" is to start painting, I'm scared to ruin it all. Funny thing though since I've experienced that most things can be fixed.

The blog Clare told me about , All Norahs art, has been very useful. For mixing colours and to watch her paint. Thanks a lot again to Clare. I really recommend you all to have a look at her Morning art videos.

When it comes to hair I'm struggleing. I like it much better when the hair is assembled in some way or other. Natural downhanging hair is very difficult to paint.
So that's why my girls have all these strict hairstyles.
Todays girl was painted Saturday.

Yesterday I did my first face in a different angle so I had to use a picture as a reference. I find it very difficult to draw a sideway face, but I'll just have to practise.

I find it very exiting each day to draw a new face. Who will I meet today? Most times I'm struggleing at the beginning but all of a sudden it just happens, that's why I like it so much.

Wish you all the best.

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