Thursday, August 4, 2011

The second face.

I have challanged myself to draw a face a day during August.

This is my second one and I'm not at all happy for it. Way to long face between the eyes and the mouth. Her hair is really dull too but I lost my inspiration to do something more about it. But this girl learnt me something so in one way or other she was important to me.
It's very inspiring to challange oneself to do things like this, and now it remains to see if I can go through with it. That will probably be the biggest issue for me. In many ways I'm a stayer but if I feel I can manage I often loose interest.

It was fun to see that others are doing this too. When I decided to do it, it was because I feel that a face a week is not optimal to get the process into my fingers. A face a day for a month and then one each week to keep the tecknique fresch.
I'm struggeling to get the skintone right but Clare was kind enough to give me a tip on a blog to learn from. I've had a look into the blog and it's great. Big thanks to Clare for that tip!
Now I'm off to do todays face, have a nice day everyone.


  1. Sååå bra Laila, du altså, får det til.

  2. I think you're much too hard on yourself. I like this face.