Thursday, September 9, 2010

Michi works on her own. no.22

Today Michi seemed very glad when she came. I was just reading the latest edition of our local paper.
- Do they write anything about the robbery? Michi asked.
- Yes I said, and today there is a map showing where the guards were located during the robbery.
- Oh Laila, will you please show me where they were?
- Yes Michi,look, here you can see it.
- No, put your necklace on and show me for real, she said.
- Why?
- Because I need to see in what area I have to search for the money, she answered.
- Michi that isn't your responsibility, besides you won't find the money now. They are gone with the wind for sure.
- Please Laila, she was begging me.
- Well okay then, lets do it.
It didn't take long to show her the spots and she told me to go back home. She herself would follow in a while. But at the moment she would have a closer look at the area within the guard points.
When she returned she was even more determined to find the money. She probably felt a bit guilty, even though I've told her several times not to feel guilt.
- Laila I can find the money, I'm sure I can.
- Why do you think that?
- Well, none of the guards could see anything special that day so I think the money is still here.
- Michi the guards didn't get any signal to look for, the robbers might easily have passed them without being noticed.
- Anyway, I'll search for the money.
Okay I answered, but be careful.
She went upstairs to be alone for a while and I continued what I was doing, reading the paper.
I must have fallen asleep cause the phone did wake me up. It was Mr. Darkland calling.
- What can I do for you Mr. Darkland? I asked him.
- Well Mrs. Jensen, I want you to keep that girl out of my business and out of my sight. I don't want her interference ever again!
- officer, I can't promise you that. Right now she's very determined to find the stolen money. My impression is that she feel, in some way or other, that the money are still in our area.
- Officer, hello hello are you there? He hung up, he actually hung up?!!
Poor man, he's got a lot of trouble and now he throws the blame on Michi. That's unfair, as Michi would have said. I have to talk to her so I'm going upstairs to do so but she's not there. Oh well, probably out "flying" again.
Several hours later she returned as dirty as I never saw her before.
- Michi what have you been up to?
- I've been round and about she answered.
- Did you see anything interesting then? I asked her.
- Yes a lot of things. Laila why do people treat each other so badly? Why don't they help each other instead of irritating one another? I saw a man kill a cat, and he deserve to be scared one day, I'll remember that!! And Laila, I saw a man looking for food in a garbage can. I tried to be nice to him but he asked me to leave him.
- Michi you have to be careful. Mr. Darkland called me today and told me to keep you out of his business.
- HAH, I don't care what he says.
Ooops she's in a bad mood, better talk about something else.
- Michi I think we'll have to put you in the bathtub. You look as dirty as I don't know what.
- YES!! Can we do it now?
- At once.
She calmed down after bathing so I took a chance talking to her again.
- Michi you should pay attention to what Mr. Darkland says.
- Why, he's not able to find the money. If I don't help him he'll never find them.
- Well, you don't know that Michi and that is not a nice thing to say.
She turned against me, looked me straight into my eyes and said
- Can you tell me what he has achieved on his own?
- Well we don...
- NOT a single thing, all he has been doing is to mess things up. Laila don't you see, if I don't help him EVERYTHING is going to be a mess.
- Oh Michi I don't know, you and him together, you know...
- Don't worry Laila I'll be careful and I shall avoid him as much as I can.
- Okay then I'll have to trust you on that Michi, but I don't like this. He was so upset today and no doubt he gave me orders to keep you away from him and his work.
Michi got dressed and we went down to the kitchen to find something to eat. Afterwards Michi left for the dew.
The next day she came to me a while before lunch.
- Laila, the weather is so nice today can we please bring the food and have picnic in The Citypark? We can bring a blanket too and really enjoy ourselves.
- Yes, perhaps we should, the weather really is very nice today.
- Yes, she said yes, yes, yes, Michi was dancing and filled with happiness.
I filled my basket and we left for The Citypark. This park is in use every day by a lot of people so we had to find a nice place. Michi lead the way and selected our spot. She pointed at a place a bit above the pathway and said:
- There Laila there I want to spread our blanket.
- But Michi, there is just mold here. Can't we find a better place?
- No, I want to stay here, you can wash the blanket afterwards, she said.
- Okay then, lets stop here.
We ate and enjoyed ourselves in spite of the mold and Michi had much fun commenting on people that passed by. Nothing negative but a nice colourful jacket, nice hair, cute dog and such things.
When we were ready to leave Michi said
- Oh now I understand that's the way it is.
- What are you talking about now Michi?
- Laila I have to look into something, does it bother you to go on your own back home?
- No it doesn't but what is it you are up to?
- I'll tell you later, she said and disappeared.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Michi and the bank robbery. no.21

Michi was right. Some days later we had the very first bank robbery in our county.
Officer Darkland really had taken Michis information seriously and was prepared to his fingertips.

Michi went back to the bank two days later to catch some more information, and she got what officer Darkland needed to be well prepared.
Michi heard them plan the whole thing and how many people who was involved, so the police had good chances.

On the actual day officer Darkland had all his officers occupied. Some of them in the bank and others outside. I'm certain he organiced it all as his duty demands.

Nevertheless it all ended up as a big disaster.
It wasn't "my" bank that was robbed, but a bank a couple of blocks away. The whole police force was concentrating at the wrong bank.
The robbers successfully left with an outcome very close to 20 million NKR and didn't even hear of the police.

Officer Darkland, my goodness, reacted like a child. He came right to our door claiming that Michi was doing it on purpose, just to make him look like a fool.
The two of them had a real quarrel and their relationship got even worse. Michi was really upset because of the failure but she had not heard them mention any specific bank and she assumed that "my" bank was the one to be robbed.

Our local paper did slaughter the whole police force in big letters, and officer Darkland wasn't exactly touched by silk gloves.
What I didn't like was that the journalist did question the whole operation, what information did the police have and from where did they get it.
The next days will show whether officer Darkland keeps his tounge or not. I hope he will.

The police had guards at every road that lead out of the city and nobody had observed anything special, so the robbers are still out there and there have been no sight of them.

Michi says that she will find the money but I doubt it. I'm sure the money are out of the country already, besides it's not her job to find the money. Lets wait and see what the next days brings.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Making teddy bears.

Time to start bloging again. I've had a long and busy summer and have not payed my blog any attention for a long time now.
I've been doing different forms of crafting and my latest project is making my own teddy bears. The first one is ready and during making it I learned a lot of things. Now I'm making another one. It's very cool to make them and fun to make some clothes for them too. This next one will be totally hand sewn and I can't wait to see him/her.
My first one turned out to be miss. Hamre and she is a cute little girl.
I am thinking of making her a suitcase and fill it with clothes. ( not sure though)
Several days later I've finished off the next one and see that I have to change the pattern a bit. This one is 50% bigger than the first one and there is something to change I can see. I'll show you some pictures.
The white is the smallest one and the very first I made.

This is Miss Hamre.

This is the second one and he has no name yet.

Both of them together to show you the size differens. Miss Hamre is 20 centimeters high and the other one is 30.