Sunday, May 30, 2010

Michi at the police station. no.14

Michi came, as she had said, the next morning and we were preparing for our visit to the police station.
- Michi, will you please stay with me all the time while we are at the police station?
- Why?
- I don't want you to disappear, if officer Darkland frightens you just hold my hand. Don't disappear please.
- OK then she said.
- He is not allowed to harm you ,you know
- Mm, she answered a bit thoughtful. Quite obvious she didn't look forward to meet with officer Darkland.
- Don't be afraid Michi,it'll be alright.
Inside the police station we met a nice lady at the desk.
- Yes, can I help you?
- Yes please, we would like to talk to police officer Darkland.
- Just a moment and I'll check with him. She returned and asked us to sit down and wait since Mr. Darkland was a bit busy at the moment. So we sat down in some chairs there.
After some time that felt like a hundred years, he finally came to meet with us.
- Good morning Mam, Miss follow me please.
When seated in his office he excused himself and left us. A minute later he returned with two more officers and that surprised me so much that I didn't catch their names. I said a silent prayer that Michi would stay with me all the time while in here.
- Well Mam, I'm glad you brought this girl, what's her name?
- Ask her officer I said.
- What's your name girl, he more or less snapped at her.
- Michi, she answered while looking at the floor.
- Well Michi, can you show these men what you're able to do he asked her with a grin on his face.
- No, Michi answered still looking at the floor.
- Now Mr. Darkland what's this all about I asked him. I think Michi has something to tell you.
- Michi, tell him what you came to tell him I urged her.
She was nervous I could see but I saw her stubbornness too. She lifted her head and looked him right into his eyes and said
- I came to tell you I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused you and to say that I will not do it again.
- And I'm telling you to show these men your abilities, he repeated.
- NOO! Michi stood up from her chair and I was afraid she was going to disappear so I took her hand and begged her to sit down again, and fortunately she did.
I turned to the officer and said to him
- Listen Mr. Darkland, this little girl came to offer you her apologies which she now has done. Can you accept them or not??
- Yes Mam I accept it, he said.
- Well then I have an errand too you know, I wonder how much I owe to the shop owner. Have you spoken to him?
- Eh, eh there's nothing to pay, It came to no cost for him, Mam.
- Mam, I need you to confirm the girls abilities, he said to me.
- Mr. Darkland I said there's no need for me to confirm anything. You have, as you told me the other afternoon, all filmed and taped. So officers, If you'll excuse us, we very much want to leave now. And then we left.
When outside I asked Michi whether she would like some ice cream and she would.
We sat down in a cafe and enjoyed our ice cream.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Michi reveals some secrets. no.13

After breakfast Michi left for the dew. She would soon be back she said, and I had a lot to do the coming days. So one afternoon she was back.
- Laila, this is for you she said and gave me something that could remind me of a package.
- What is this I said, and I could see she was eager to unwrap it. Will you please unwrap for me, cause I don't have my glasses here? I asked her. And she would.
Suddenly she start crying - oh no it's ruined it was not strong enough, she said while crying.
- Michi let me see, perhaps I can fix it?
- No you can't she said and she was very upset.
- Let me have a look, and she gave it to me and I couldn't see anything.
- There is nothing here I said to her I can't see anything.
- No it's ruined, I did not make it strong enough.
- What was it then,I wondered?
- It was a special necklace I made for you while I was in the dew and i worked really hard to do it.
- Michi don't be upset it's good enough for me to know that you wanted me to have it. That was very kind of you.
- No, I'll make you a new one that is strong enough.
- Alright then, will you do it now at once?
Then she smiled and said - no i have to do it in the dew.
- Laila, I asked the Mistress about my parents and she don't know about them either.
- Who is the Mistress, Michi?
- ?? The Mistress is, is, I ask her about things and she decides everything.
- Oh I see so she is some kind of leader in the dew?
- Yes she is.
- Laila, I died when I was little.
- Michi you're not dead you're so full of life.
- Yes but all of us who live in the dew died when we were small children.
- Michi I don't understand this, if you're dead you're dead and then you can't be here alive.
- Since we were unable to experience the world while alive, we were given a second chance in the dew. That's the way it is, she said.
- Michi, what you tell me now confuses me but since you say so you're probably right. I'll have to think it over to understand it.
- OK.
- Laila, will you read something for me?
- Yes go pick a book and I'll read.
We were reading quite a while and Michi seemed to be tired so I asked her if she wanted to sleep the night here, but she would leave for the dew.
- But I'm coming back tomorrow, shall we go to Mr.officer then?
- Yes that we can do I said, we might as well get it over with.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Michi, and a long morning talk. no. 12

I opend the door and, as Michi had told me, police officer Darkland stood on our doorstep.
- Good morning, officer Darkland I said, what can I do for you?
- Good morning Mam, do you have that girl here?
- Well, yes she was here seconds ago but I think she has left now.
- Why do you think that?
- She got out of bed in a hurry and told me she had to leave because you were on your way to pay us a visit.
- How the hell did she know that?
- Now, you watch your tounge Mr. Darkland it's not necessary to swear. I don't know how she knew it, but she did, and now she has left.
- If you like you're welcome to come inside and have a look,I said. He did so and Michi WAS gone. I thanked him for turning up as a civilian, I really appreciated that.
- Well, when she shows up again you have to come down to the policestation with her.
- Why?
- Don't you see we can't have her running around beyond control?!
- And how do you think you'll control her?
- We have to find some sort of child care for her, she is far too small running around at her own.
- Mr. Darkland I said, she's not running around. What happend yesterday was because she lack some information.
- And all the alarms at the end,Mam???
- She was scared and I think you behaved a bit unfair to her. She lack information that's the problem, and I've promised myself to teach her all that I can to help her understand our world.
- And...I will not follow her to the station to leave her there, but I'll ask her to come so she can offer her appologies for what she did.
- Well Mam, I didn't find what I was looking for so I'll have to leave. And then he left.
Seconds later Michi was back again.
- I would love to have breakfast before I leave, she said.
- I love warm baguettes and strawberry jam.
- Oh Michi, I know you love them, that's why I made them this morning.
- Mm, she said.
- Laila, what does child care mean?
- It means a place where they take care of children. Children that have lost their parents or children that can't live together with their parents because the parents are unable to take care of the children. Something like that.
- Oh, she said.
- Michi, where are your parents?
- I don't know.
- Are they in the dew?
- No
- Who is in the dew?
- A lot of people she answered but Laila, why should I offer my apologies to Mr. officer?
- Do you know what it means to steal?
- No, but I did it yesterday you said.
- Yes you did, to steal is to take something that belongs to other people. The big teddybear was what you stole.
- But I returned it.
- Yes, but you shouldn't have taken it in the first place. People who are stealing we call thieves, and the police are there to take care of thieves amongst other things. - Do you understand that?
- Do you mean Mr. officer?
- Yes he is a policeman, and it's correct to call him police officer Darkland. When he's at work he is a police officer, that is his job. When not at work h
- He beats his wife, Michi said.
- Michi, that's not a nice thing to say!
- He's unfair, he beats his wife!!!
- How do you know that? I had to ask her.
- I know, she said.
- Well it seems you know a whole lot about people Michi. You should also know that it's not fair to talk about your knowledge to other than the person it is related to.
- And the Chairman of this county, do you know what he does? she said
- NO, and I don't want to know it either unless it's something nice.
- OK.
- Another thing Michi, when you got all the alarms running yesterday that was a very bad thing to do. The shop owners have to pay a lot of money because of that.
- Why??
- Because when an alarm is running a security company have to send some people to check it out and that cost a lot of money.
- Oh I didn't know that, I'm sorry.
- Do you think you would follow me to the policestation and offer your apologies to them too, and tell them you won't do it again?
- NOO!!! he's unfair.
- Michi, we can all be unfair from time to time and even if one person is unfair it won't give us any right to do bad things too.
- OK I'll do it, but you'll have to come too.
- Yes of course I will.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Michi in action, part two. no.11

- Now listen young lady you don't leave this place before I know what's going on, the officer said.
- Michi, where are the teddy? I asked because I couldn't see it.
- I've put it back in the window.
- YOU DID WHAT....the officer said, irritated to the edge now.
- Officer please, calm down I begged him.
- CALM DOWN, he said, how do I explain this, who will believe anything of this???
- Well officer, I'm awfully glad you said that. How do you think I felt like when I first came here?
- Nonsens, he said I'll have to take her to child care, she can't run around doing exactly what she want.
- Officer I can't deside for you, but the problem is that she don't know what it means to steal and she don't know what a policeman is either. I think the best thing is to let her come home with me and I'll talk to her about it. I'm sure it won't happen again.
- I'll leave you my adress and my number so you know where to find me. And if you please would speak to the shop owner about the costs of all this I'll come back tomorrow and pay for it all, and would you please keep my name out of this.
- Keep your name out of it?? That's impossible.
- Well, if you please don't go public about it, you see I don't want my property filled with journalists.
- Oh, I see but how do I do this, who will believe anything of it? he didn't ask me he was more like talking to himself.
- Well officer, I'm sure you will come up with something. Keep my name out of it and I'll support your story.
- Now Mam, watch your tounge we are both filmed and taped here so you don't have any other options than to support it.
- Yes of course officer, I answered.
- Laila, look what's this Michi asked me.
She stood there smiling with a gun in her hands. The officer lost himself completely. He yelled at her and appeared so frightingly that she probably was scared to death. Michi let go of the weapon and disappeared at once.
- Officer pull yourself together! I had to tell him. Now you have scared her so she won't be back. I think I'll leave now. You know where to find me.
- You have seen her abilities that's for sure.
At the same moment I was wishing him a nice evening we heard an alarm going, and another one and another one..... Oh no, dear Michi don't do this.

What is this?

On my way back home every shop I was passing had an alarm going. This isn't good but I could not help smiling. She would not tolerate unfairness.
Michi wasn't there when I came back home, so I told my husband the whole story and he agreed that this could mean a lot of trouble for us. We have to wait and see.
My husband and I took an early night and went to bed. I'm reading in a book and suddenly Michi is standing before me and begging to sleep in my bed this night.
- Yes, of course you can I said and make some space for her. I thought you had gone back to the dew. - No I want to be with you tonight she said. She was scared I could see. - So go to sleep now, you're safe here and we'll talk some more in the morning.
- Yes, she said.
After a little while she mumbled, Laila there is no film and no tape. And then she was sleeping.
The next morning my husband went to work and I was preparing breakfast for Michi and myself when she came down in a hurry.
- Laila, I have to leave now cause mister officer is coming, she said.
- How do you know that?
- I know it and I must leave.
- Oh Michi, I'm sorry will you be back soon?
She smiled and said - yes, very soon. And then I heard the doorbell...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Michi in action no.10

One quiet and warm evening Michi turned up again. She asked me to come for a walk.
As a matter of fact I had just mentioned for my husband that I would go for a walk so that suited me fine.
We went down town and I thought it could be a nice opportunity to show her the different shops there, we could kinda window shoping. The shops were all closed because it was past closing time so we were quite lonely in the streets.
I stopped at the handbag shop to look at their new collection. Michi stopped too and gave her comments on a few handbags before she crossed the street to have a look at the toy store. I told her to wait for me there.
The next moment I heard this alarm and when I turned around Michi stood there with a big teddybear in her arms.
- Michi I said where did you get that from?
- From the window, she said.
- Did you go right through the window ??
- Yes , she smiled, the bear would like me to take him back home.
Oh no, now I've got an explanation problem at my hands.
- Michi I said we have to go to the police and tell them what you have done.
- What is the police??

- Come on quick now, I didn't want to be there when the security people turned up.
To my luck we were not far away from the policestation.
Well inside I didn't know what to say.
- Can I help you, mam ?? someone said to me.
- Well, yes eh no eh eh .....
- Don't you feel well, he asked me?
How on earth do you tell a policeman that this little girl has magical power and where to say she live, in the dew??? Psychiatrist next, thats for sure. Oh boy...
- Do you have a place where we can sit down in private?
- Yes follow me please?
When seated I said to him - the story I am going to tell you now happend less than ten minutes ago so will you please take a phone call to the owner of the toy store and tell him that there is nothing broken and nothing to worry about.
- The burglar alarm is going in the shop and it was this little girl who started it.
- Just a moment, I'll call him at once, he said and left us.
- Michi I said, this isn't going to be easy. What you have done is not allowed. In fact you have been stealing and that is a very bad thing to do.
- What is stealing, she asked???
The police officer came back and told us that he had spoken to the owner so that's at least one problem less to think about.
- Well he said what exactly did you do? Looking at me and not the same friendly voice as earlier.
- Ehh.... I didn,t do anything and I did not actually see what she was doing either, but I know what she did.
- Well, tell me everything from the start, he said.
- Michi I said tell the officer what you did!
- The teddybear wanted me to take him back home, she said.
- Is this your daughter, he asked me? and what is her full name?
- Officer, this is a really complicated story, I think it's better to let her tell you all about it before you start writing.
- Well then young girl, can you tell me all about it?
- No, Michi said.
- Michi, you have to tell him otherwise we won't be able to leave this place.
She smiled one of these big fat smiles and probably she was thinking it's just to leave.
- Officer, this is hard for me to believe and even more difficult for you I suppose but this girl has magical power. There is no broken windows and no broken doors at the toy store. She simply slide right through the window.
- ??!!! Oh so that's what she did... he said and looked like he was going to loose his temper.
- Michi please SHOW him what you did, I desperately begged her.
- NO !!! she could sense his anger and that did not exactly help me now.
- Laila, can we go now she asked me?
- NO, you can not!! the officer answered her.
- I won't be here any longer she said cause you are angry.
And then she just disappeared. He looked at me like I was the one to blame for this.
- Well officer, that's what I'm talking about, that's the way she did it.
- It is impossible, he said, - yes as far as we know it is, I replied but never the less that's what she's doing.
- And, she's not my daughter I have no control over her.
- Where are her parents then, he asked me, and why is she with you?
- That's even more difficult to answer I said but I had no options but the truth.
So I told him about the dew and everything, and the more I told him the funnier he looked like. Perhaps he was trying to figure out how to get me in an ambulance.
- Laila, are you coming now? Michi was back again.

To be continued....

Do anyone of you who read this have an idea how to come out of this???
I'll be greatful for any suggestions.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Michi shows up at our national day, May 17 th. no.9

It was a big surprise to me when Michi showed up again at our national day. She has been gone for so long that I thought she was gone forever.
She even turned up in bunad. ( our national outfit) She wanted so much to participate in the childrens parade, she even had the flag in her hand. The flag wasn't correct so I don't know who gave it to her but I couldn't take it away from her.

I had to let her do so and my husband and I took place to watch the parade. She did well, sang along with all the other children and was cheering and all the stuff we usually do in our parades.
When the parades was over we went to our local school so that she could take part in the childrens play, and she also could buy herself some icecream and soft drinks.
Later on we prepared a family dinner and Michi disappeared again. I haven't seen her since.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sandra has picnic in the garden.

This is Sandra playing in our garden. Sandra is the daughter of my husbands niece. Sandra lost her father a year and a half ago in an accident. She has three siblings and to help her mother we are four families who take care of one child each every third weekend. This helps their mother going on, and the children get other adults to connect to. And I have to say that the children are very likeable.

Sandra is the youngest one and the only girl so she has quite a position. But I don't feel she's spoiled in any way though.
My husband and I have a son (aged 25 this summer) so a girl in the house every now and then makes me thrilled.
On top of all Sandra like doing all the things I liked myself when I was a little girl. Lucky me am now "allowed" to do it all again.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another creative day.

I've made these two so called "one piece" today and they were quite a challange. Easy enough to sew, but they shall be too large to the children. I'm most used to sew clothes that fits.
To the small one I made a waistband so that the poor girl will be able to walk when using it. The other girl is older and can better take care when using it. But, this is the way they are ment to be. I do not understand why but thats not important. Perhaps that shows my age better than anything else, snort.
I hope the girls will be happy though.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Two skirts to crochet if you like.

I crocheted this skirt last summer and I have used it a lot. You can find the pattern here if you like to try it yourself.
This colourful skirt is crocheted in cotton yarn and are lined with a quite heavy material to avoid "the saggy baggy butt" syndrome. I chose to have a zipper in one side and that works well.

This other one is slightly diferent. As you can see at the picture the lower edge is far wider but I decreased the width quite quick.
This gave me a thight skirt with a bell-shaped lower edge and it's quite nice.
This skirt is lined too. The colourful skirt I crocheted in two halves but the black and white one is done in the round.
Give it a try, it's not difficult and crochet in the round is better, at least there are far less ends to weave in at the end.

Friday, May 7, 2010

A carrier bag for a german friend.

I've spent the day making a carrier bag for a german friend who is visiting us these days. It is quite time consuming to sew one like this, but it's worth it. The bag is nice and proper done. Inside there is a pocket with a zipper and one for the cell phone. I also made a chain with a carbine hook to fasten the key in.
I have one of those myself and they are very practical.

As you can see at the pictures there is a big pocket on either side of the bag. Since they are outside the bag I have chosen to make a loop and use a button to lock them up.
I use mine when shoping, for hand luggage when traveling and when going to work.

They are easy to make but as I said time flies when making them.
Have a nice weekend.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Haven't been bloging for a while now. I have been busy doing other things. Today have been a rather creative day though, I've made two give away cards and they turned out to be real good too. They're too private to show off so I'll perhaps make some to show you all.
Coming weekend will be a party weekend for us. Friday my mother is returning from Mallorca to stay here during summer. Saturday we'll celebrate a young man who now will be considered as a young adult, and Sunday my uncle is celebrating his 80'th birthday.
Then one week ahead we have our national day to celebrate, so it's really partytime these days. I wish you all the best.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Michi - the girl I do not know. no.8

Today Michi came back. She wanted to play outside, the wether was warm and the sun was shining. I was finishing some work when she came back in and asked me to come out too.
- Yes, I said, - when I'm finished with this I will come out too.
My work lasted a little longer than expected and suddenly Michi stood in front of me again. Nothing wrong with that, except, where did she come from?
I did not hear any doors opening. What was this?
- Michi, I asked, how did you come in?
- I came from outdoors, she answered.
- Yes,I know that, but how did you get in, I couldn't hear any doors?
- I came in from the back, she said.
- Well, as far as I know the back door is always locked up. Isn't it?
- I don't know, she said.
- But HOW could you get in through a locked door? Let us go and have a look.
The door was really locked up, and I had to ask her once more, - where exactly did you come from?
- From outside.
- Michi, will you please show me where you came in? And then she did something that got me paralysed, I just couldn't believe what was happening right in front of me.
She just disappeared right through the wall, and I could see her outside. I had to sit down,this isn't happening I thought and the next moment she stood in front of me again.
- Did you see it now? she asked just like nothing had happend.
- Michi, don't do this I said, it's completely impossible!!!
I was scared to death, confused and I could feel the anger on its way. Then she did something else that surprised me. She started to giggle and said, - Laila don't worry I'm from the dew you know.

She started to giggle.

- ??The dew, what has the dew to do with this?
- The old saying, ...can do whatever I want to....she said.
- Michi, this is too much to me I do not understand it. Will you, please, never do it again!!?
- Okay, I'll use the front door then, she said.
- Michi I need something to drink, will you find me a glass of water please?
- Yes I will.
I had to pull myself togheter while she was gone. Without thinking she accepts my demands so I'll have to try to accept her too.
When I was finished drinking, she was eager to get out again and we got out. I was still shivering but we didn't talk more about it.
We walked around in the garden and looked at the blooming flowers. She asked me their name and I was telling, over and over again so that she hopefully will remember it.
After a long while we sat down on the garden bench, and I had to ask her.
- Michi, the other afternoon when you were playing with Misty, you kept running to the wall and banging into it, why didn't you "go" through then?
- Cause I didn't want to, she said.
- Is it your will it depends on?
- What ever I WANT to....remember?
- Okay, I was just wondering I said and didn't want to discuss this any further.I had to think this over and did certainly not want to hear how far she is able to take this.
- Well Michi, I want to go inside now do you want to come too?
- No, I want to play with Misty some more, she answered.

An owl to start a new month.

This owl was quite a challenge. It could have been far better, but I learned some new things while painting it, and that's a good thing.
One more week and I've been bloging for a month. I don't think I've found my exact blog form yet, so I have to think a little more about that.
It's been fun though, and I've learnt a lot.
I have been painting a lot of birds lately and think perhaps it's time to try something else.

A lot of flowers are blooming in my garden just now,so perhaps they will be painted next. I'll see.
Some freeform crocheting is a possibility too. It seems I have a thinking job to do. Any suggestions from anyone out there?
I have a sewing job to do too, I 'm going to sew some onepices for some sweet girls in the family.
Well, right now I have to stop bloging and start some housekeeping dull stuff. Have a nice day.