Saturday, August 6, 2011

Girl # 4 / 31

Step by step.

Hello again.
Today I want to show you my 4th girl in 3 different stages. The first one is when the drawing is done. At this stage I'm usually quite satisfied with the result. Todays hairstyle is inspired by the hairstyle of our lost Queen - Crownprincess Màrtha. (King Olavs wife) As you know I got myself a new studio resently and on the wall hangs my collection of royal plates. That's where I got the inspiration from.
Well, so far so good. ( I'm sorry for the quality of my photo.)

The next stage shows my girl half painted and every time at this stage I just want to throw my painting away. I always get the feeling that it's ruined, but I tell myself to stay in and continue and even paint over if something fails. I've learnt to not beeing afraid to try. And I'm amazed how much one can fix during the process. The paper is a bit bulky in this photo because of the wetness.

In this last photo she is done. I could have done some more about her hair, now it looks a bit like a wig. I can see that I need to practise more on doing hair. As I see it the overall impression is that she looks a bit stiff/unnatural. But's ME who have done it!

The background (greens) is good enough but the border is far too busy.
All my faces are drewn on a size A-4 watercolour paper. I'm planing to assemble them and make a book with faces only.
Now I'm going to start todays task, I wonder who I'll meet today. :-))

Wish you all the best.

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  1. Lærerikt, takk som deler. Likte skyggeleggingene dine rundt øynene for ikke snakke om håret, very nice. Nigressen er fortsatt min favoritt. Super soldag!