Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's time for a cityview again.

Three new images from old NY.

Today I'll show you three impressive buildings. Impressive if one take into concideration how old the buildings are.

The first card shows: Municipal Building
When I enlarge this photo on my computer it looks like there are 22 or maybe 23 statues on top of the row of pillars. To me it looks like a giant building. This is what is printed at the reverse:
" Municipal Building, New York. Covering a city block, Park Row, Chamber and Centre Sts. 34 stories, 585 feet high, built by the City of New York under Mayor Gaynor, to be used exclusively for offices of city departments."

There are no such beautiful buildings built today so I do hope this one is still excisting.

The second card shows The Equitable Building.

Compared to the building above this one looks quite modern. When I see these images I think it's no wonder so many of my fellow countrymen imigrated to America. At that time these images must have expressed "heaven". This specific image is dated to 1913. You can see it at the bottom line, written in white.
The printed text says:
"Equitable Building, New York. Largest Business Structure in the world. The Equitable Building will occupy the block bounded by Broadway, Nassua, Pine and Cedar Streets, it will be 38 stories above ground and 3 below, with a floor space of nearly 45 acres. It will house 15.000 people, and will have many of the departments of the city government. It will cost $ 29.000.000"
Was it ever build?
It's a very impressive sight though when we know how old it might be.

The last card today shows Singer Building and part of financial district.
This is my favorite of todays cards. Look at that view!! And notice the people far down there. The flying flag and the water in the background also contributes to make this card my fav.

Listen to the printed text:
"Singer Building located on the corner of Broadway and Liberty Streets is 47 stories high rising to a total hight of 612 feet. In it are 5.000 tenants, who are carried to their offices by 16 Otis traction elevators. The foundations consists of 36 caissons sunk to bedrock 92 feet below surface. Built by the Singer Mfg.Co."

This image is copyrighted in 1912 by Irving Underhill.
Where the stamp is ment to be, there is a text saying: "United States and Canada one cent. Foreign two cents." Well, those were the days!

That was all for today, but I have new images to show you next week.
Wish you all the best.

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