Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Girl # 7 and a bit more.

My painted face today is not as "perfect" as I would like it to be BUT she's the first one of my girls that has the nerve to look me stright back in my eyes. I really like that.
Many many years ago I learnt how one could decide if the eyes were "correct" or not. What I learnt was: I place my object (painted girl) in a distance and I myself move around in the room, if I can feel that the eyes are looking at me from different angles they are so called correct. This one does that. Ofcourse the girls need to look stright into the camera to achieve this effect. The hardest thing is to get both eyes focusing at the same point, and if not it won't work.

I was learning to make handmade and handpainted dolls at the time, and our teacher showed us one correct and one that wasn't. It's easy to see if one know about it. I have been too focused to pay attention to this with my girls so it felt very good when it happened now. It's almost like one can spot a bit of their soul.

This girl was my first using a photo as a reference. My girl don't look like the one in the photo, not even close. I used the photo just as reference to the angles and things like that. I can't decide whether she's a fashion freak or if she's ready to milk her cows. What do you think?
Her expression is something like: did you notice what I did, hope you didn't.

I always see something to change when the painting is done so perhaps it would be smart to draw one day and paint the next. That way I could study my drawing for a while and do the changes before paining them. How do you do it?


I was trying a new tool one evening and it's good. Have you tried a water brush? One fills it with water and use it on top of water soluble crayons. The brushtip is very fine but soft so it takes a bit of time to get used to it. It worked so well for me the one time I've tried it that I will certainly try it again. I see that it can be useful for blending colours.
I've used it on the "bricks" in my journal.

This is the brush, and it's filled with water.

Enough for today, I have a drawing job waiting.

Wish you all the best.

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  1. Thanks for the tip on the eyes. I like this girl very much. She seems to be hiding a secret.

    I have a water brush but haven't used it except to try it when I first brought it home.