Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I have enjoyed my day journaling.

Today I have used some of my new art supplies.

Good evening.

Today have been a relaxing day. I have spent my day making patterns. It's kind of meditation repeting the same movements over and over again.

The photo below shows my new items. Most of the Indian ink pens I already had, just some of them are new. These are my favs. They have a tip like a brush and they work on EVERY surface. If you ever get the opportunety to buy one I highly recommend you to try them. Especially the grey shades are useful, but I love all of them.

For a long time now I have wanted to have a stamp with a feather on it and yesterday I found it....ON SALE!! And I even found the Micronpens. It must have been my lucky day yesterday. :-))

This spread shows what I've been doing today. The left page shows a pattern I've wanted to learn for a long time, and finally I took the time to learn it. After this page I'won't forget it again. You can also see my new feather on this page together with a hen I had as a leftover from another spread I did earlier.
This hen looks like she is a bit irritated and the feathers make me think that there has been a fight of some kind.

The pattern on the right page is inspired from a fabric I have. Actually I tried to copy that fabric on my copymachine but it wouldn't work. The fabric is very light weight. But, I did copy several other fabrics today as a preparation for tomorrow when my friend is comeing and we are going to play together. I'm really looking forward to that. I will try to remember to photograph as we are playing.

This last pattern gave me some new ideas to try. Isn't it fun how new ideas comes to you while doing other things? I love that symbiosis.

I wish you all the best.

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  1. I love the basket-weave pattern. It looks difficult but I found it to be fairly simple once you know how it goes together. I haven't tried it on a whole page though! It looks fantastic.