Friday, June 26, 2015

Time is coming too fast, I think.

This last week in class,

Tracey suggested to me to just have a play with my colors without even thinking of the end result. I did that and had lots of fun and at the same time I felt much more free in the process. Somewhere along the play, I figured out I would do three of the same and make them different, and that's a great way to learn. I'm glad I did this and I'll try to remember doing it on a more regular basics. The dream would be to feel this free and loose in all my work.

Even though this is a painting class, I've been concentrating on the line work. I so much admire Tracey's artwork, and especially her line work. That's her signature, so to speak.  So, during the class I have made lines, over and over again, on old paintings, on new ones and used the dip pen on it's own to draw and make lines. I want to have my own lines, not just outlining or copying someone else. Below is a small collection of what I have been doing, and kept. Much, much, much more is already in the bin.

One of the things I did is this pear. I did exaggerate (on purpose) the lines in every way, and I love the result. If I try to imagine some of the lines not there, I don't think it would be this good. This pear is filled with energy, and it was the first of three editions.

I love the shape of my pear, and wanted to paint one to use in class, and the one below is what I did. This one is a bit more realistic in shape and colors, but still I love the first one the most.

The last one I did was for the SOC challenge, one of three pieces this week. I used pastel sticks to make this and I was pretty rough laying the colors down. I wanted it to look very expressive and loose in style. I really like this one as well. Isn't is fun to see how different they all can be with different ways of making them, I hope I'll never stop wondering, and asking what if..........

This post has to come to an end, and I'll end it by showing you the next spread in my booklet. My paintings and drawings side by side with the little verses/poems.

I'll link this post to Paint Party Friday, and if you are not familiar to that party I recommend you to visit and take part.
I wish you all the most beautiful weekend in every sense of the word.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

SOC 5 week 3

Purple + purple + yellow..............

I always find it hard to use these colors, the purples are not my favorites. But, I decided to give them a real try this year, and so far I've made three different pieces.
The first one I did the day after drawing and painting lots of veggies, so it felt natural to do a turnip.

I couldn't resist adding a bit of green to it, and therefore I felt like cheating. I had to make another one.
The next one is a pair of cups. It's so hard to use these colors, that the only thing I did was to make some splashes of color. I'm not particularly happy with this one, and there's nothing more to add.

The next one I'm really happy with. I used pastels and was pertty rough with the colors. I used a dip pen and ink to add some black lines and that's it. Funny pear, but I like it and it's much prettier in person.

Later on today, I will make one more try, using this weeks colors and then it's enough I think.

I will link this post to SOC 5.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

How was your week?

I've had a fantastic inspiring week,

and also got lots of painting time.
I'm still, after several years of painting, always surprised on how much a small collection of colors can do. It's a true joy to sit down each morning with fresh, clean water and my watercolors, and just create whatever I want to. I know for sure that my lifestyle is just a dream to many people, but real for me and I truly appreciate it.

SOC 5 week 2 is pink + pink + orange. Lovely combo and some of my favorites. It was very tempting to make another flower, but I chose to experiment a bit instead. In fact, this is an idea I've had for some time and now got to test it a bit. My colors this time is: Twinks, Jasmin and pink garnet the orange one is "flat" watercolor. Black and white in addition this week.

In class I had a go on an old can I have, and I have to say I'm very pleased with the result. Someone asked me if I were going to frame some of my work, and I said no because I have so many from earlier that should have been framed, but this one does need a frame.

I have chosen to make a booklet containing some of my paintings in class, together with poems/ verses. I made the front cover the other day, and am happy with that. It has a good feel to it and as it's growing, it becomes more and more a part of me.

First spread in my booklet looks like this. An English verse I stumbled upon some years ago, and that flew right into my heart. I so much admire people that live their lifes in a practical manner. Lol.

Right side contains a Norwegian poem about the wasp.
Now, it seems I have gotten into some computer trouble, and can't access the classroom. So I'm not sure I'll be back in there, but the problem is worked on. In the meantime I'm painting on my own, and today it's time to paint a red pepper.

Beautiful people, thanks alot for all your lovely and inspiring comments, I really appreciate you for taking the time.

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Friday, June 12, 2015

Yet another busy week

I've been working hard in class

and now I feel I'm slowly taking on board all  the new stuff. I really enjoy to test all the new in private also, so my entry for the first week in SOC 5 is a tiny piece done in Neocolors 2. Colors used are: phthalocyanine blue, dark ultramarine and light olive. Beside that I've also used black and white ink.

At a certain stage I thought I'd have to throw it in the bin, but I've learnt to follow my instincts and at the end I really love how it came out.

Otherwise in class I've made veggies, some flowers and other things as well. It really takes some time to clean the "top drawer" to make room for new learning.

I absolutely feel more confident now, and starting to get the grip of my pen and ink. The corn cobs below were fun doing, but the first one (right side) ended up not being as good as planned and I made the other one as well. They both have character and when I see them together, I think of a couple dancing a fiery tango.

 My dragon fruit, pink, pink, pink! Some weeks ago I saw a dragon fruit for the first time in my life, I didn't know what it was other than it was heavenly beautiful to look at. I bought it promptly and photographed it so that I had references to paint from.

Isn't it quite an ironi that I've been trying to paint droplets for ever so long, but never could make them good. In my fruit I tried to paint a dip, suggesting I couldn't wait to eat some, and all I can see is a pile or a droplet.

Thank you for stopping by, and all your lovely comments.

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Have a good weekend all!

Friday, June 5, 2015

What a week this has been.

You know the feeling

when you're about to learn something new and can't get the grip of it. Frustration. I started my class and did follow the lessons, but I didn't really understand what I was doing. Some exersices was so unfamiliar to me, I nearly went mad trying to do them. I did some of my usual stuff, and they're more than good enough, but hey, that wasn't what I have come to do more of.

So, almost like an accident the one below emerged. I had lost every bit of expectations and just messed up some colors, I didn't even like the colors I used untill I started thinking of sea shells. The result is very good, I think, and has the look I were searching for. But it just happened, I still didn't know how and why.

So, I had to bite the bullet and ask Tracey Fletcher King for advise, and I got the best explanations one could ever dream of. Spot on and clearly delivered. It was all about the line work. With my spirit flying high, I went back to my desk and for the first time, tried out what I now had learnt. And this time I was consious about what I were doing. What a difference it makes to fully understand a technique. 

I did it over and over again, and all I need now is to practice, practice and practice even more. I will be searching for the lines I love the most and also which lines to which subjects.

It's such a relief coming out of the darkness and know excactly what to do to achieve the results I'm looking for. Tracey is a very good teacher, so if you ever get a chance, I highly recommend one of her classes.

Linking to Paint party Friday, happy painting everyone.