Friday, August 5, 2011

Girl # 3/31 (hopefully)

Facination from childhood.

Hello everyone!

As a child nothing facinated me more than African girls/ladies with those big holes in their ears and all those rings around their necks. I could spend hours looking at pictures if I found some.

Today I'm quite satisfied with my girl, she has a much more "correct" face. The funny thing is that she wouldn't open her eyes and that's a pitty because I believe she has the most beautiful eyes. I tried over and over to paint her eyes but it wouldn't work, so I had to let her be a little shy. It wasn't my intention to draw a heartshaped face it just happened, mostly because of the hairline.

I'm so amazed about her hair at the photo. In person it doesn't appear like this at all. At the photo it looks like I've made a couple of thousands french knots with yarn but it's all painted.

I'm pleased with the background too this time, the only thing I wouldn't do again is to place colour into some of the flowers.
If I use my brains I can see that she's too young to have these large holes in her ears and that there is a ring missing at her neck. But, I refuse to ask my brains!!
The fact that she is a mix of black and white is just because I don't know how to draw a native African person.

I really enjoy doing this and tomorrow I'll show you a step by step girl.
Untill then....take care.


  1. Better and better, great hair.

  2. She's beautiful and her hair is incredible! You've inspired me to do an ethnic face.