Friday, August 26, 2011

A new face.

Good morning.

My face today(#24) was an easy task. It was one of those who almost did itself. I'm smiling a bit over this one because I can feel I hear my mothers comment. "Greyhaired people don't have long hair" That's her statement and will be forever. Well, I think she's wrong but that's ok.

At this point I've found a lot that I want to do when this month is over, and it's not about drawing faces. I've had enough of that for a while. I'll try to make a tiny installation or whatever I should call it and then there is zentangling, I want to do more of that too.
And I've missed my journal a lot so I will work within that too. As a matter of fact I did work in my journal yesterday and my 25th face are made in the journal. But that one I'll show you tomorrow.

I don't have much more to say today so I'll stop here.

Be creative and take care.

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