Thursday, March 31, 2011

A few books I made last year.

Could I manage to make my own book?

Last year I read about bookmaking and was curious if I could manage to make my own.
Well I could and the picture below shows the first one I made. It was not ment for anything, just to see if I could do it.
Later on I painted small images in my book and several people have wanted to have the book. I can't give it away so it stays at home. I'll probably use it as a diary when on a trip abroad.
The paper I used is a very nice water-colour paper. The papers are sewn into the cover and looks like a real book. That amazed me a lot.
Some of you might recognise little Michi. She is my little Japanese girl. I've written a lot of stories about her but a mistake made me remove them all from my blog. I have them as drafts though so I might publish them once more.

I had to try once more just to see that I actually could do it, and yes I could once more. ( two or three is my habit in life. hehe) I made images in this one too but I don't feel satisfied about them. Don't know exactly what for but that's the way it is.

The last one I made for a purpose.

I wanted to make a book with several signatures. I had plans for four but three signatures filled the cover. This book I would use to learn how to draw in perspective. Houses was the main thing, and it was easy to learn but the book was not suited for that. Too small. I made some attempts and my plan was to draw houses and their front doors. Made five before I gave in.
It was a good idea so perhaps I start over again in a more suitable sized book.

Best wishes to you all.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This isn't exactly strategic planing but fun.

I have to admit I couldn't resist making another one.

This one haven't got a name yet. He/She is more the right size but too much stuffed. The head is too big this time. So I've learnt a lot making this one too.
Besides I've learnt a bit at Picasa too and thats a struggle for sure. My tecnical abilities is below whatever.( Or more correctly, my interest for tecnical stuff)

Isn't this some cute pictures?

Just as the doll becomes more alive in the pictures than in person. I have to smile each time I see these. Haven't made any clothes yet. Is it a he or a she do you think? I really can't decide so I'll wait a bit and see.
Just wanted to share this with you all.

Have a nice evening everyone!

Need to knit something a little rougher.

After making the small doll I felt like doing something rougher.

I have this wonderful book about laceknitting.The shawl facing the front cover is reffered to as " The Crown Prince square shawl." It's really delicat, but that have to be for another occation. In spite of spring coming I decided to knit a scarf. I do not have any experience with Noro yarn from earlier on and I'm very satisfied. It feels so soft knitting with, almost like it melts in my hands. The colour changes are really nice too, one just have to be aware when starting a new ball.

This pattern is rough enough to show off even with all the colours, and it's easy enough to knit and listen to radio at the same time.

I'm looking forward to see how it looks like when blocked, and then I have a brand new scarf to start next winter.

Wish you all the best and enjoy your day!

Monday, March 28, 2011

A gift of great value.

I was the only one they knew who would appresiate this great gift.

Yesterday I was given a knitting magazine dated back to 1949. It is complete and the content is very exiting. It contains a lot of baby clothes several different mens jackets, socks, skarfs, mittens and the most exiting... womens underwear!!
A couple of bed jackets and a two piece bathing suit.
I'm so thankful and exited...

Have a look, isn't it delicious?

I'll just have to try to knit some of this. It looks so delicious, back in those days they had to make it for themselves. I'm really looking forward to make some of this.
I got this from my sister in law. Luckily she had me in mind in stead of throwing it away.
The heading says something like: "Featherweight and still warm"

I really can't resist this last piece!

This one is reffered to as a "sun suit" Don't you think it's cute?
Don't know whether you can spot the buttons. There are five buttons at the pants and three at the top. That top could be a hit right now. I'm a bit uncertain about the pants though.

This book came along too.

It's handwritten and contains a lot of patterns of baby clothes. How many one would need to be proper equipped.
There are patterns to oldfashioned aprons too, and several types.
At the end she describes how to weave and how to set up a loom. All beautiful handmade with the most delicious handwriting. I really do feel lucky.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Ruby dressed from top to toe.

Now she is dressed and ready for France. The coat makes her fully dressed and makes her unable to lower her arms. Probably a good thing when looking for a taxi. I'm quite satisfied with the result and concider her now as finished. Thought I should make her a suitcase so I'll think a bit of it.
I've made a collage of some of the pictures of her, but still have a long way to go before satisfied.
Time to say goodbye to Ruby.

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Wish you all the best and have a nice and creative weekend.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dress and hat done.

I chrocheted a dress and a hat for Ruby today. She was awfully glad for the dress because she felt a bit undressed without it. And when the hat was in place on her head she told me she want to go to France to be a dancer......

That's impossible I told her. These are the only clothes you have. You can't leave home that way. Okay, she replied, hurry up and make me some more then 'cause I WILL go to France!!

Yes I will make her some more, but couldn't break her heart by telling her that she is too young to go anywhere alone. And I'm not leaving for France in the nearest future!

Ruby was very pleased with the flower on her hat. But in this last photo she seem to have lost her good mood. Don't know what came to her......
Wish you all the best.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ruby got some clothes today.

I started off with pink yarn and a lot of courage. Haven't lost my courage during the day but this is sooooooo tiny. The pink "outfit" came out too big, the pants are way too wide and the top too. This is fun to make though, all I had to do was to have another try.
I went to the yarnshop today to see if I could find some skin coloured yarn but that was not easy. I returned with some other stuff instead. Thought I would finish Ruby first and then start a new one.

Fun to see how she looks a bit alive in this photo. Pointing her fingers and one foot ready to go.
I've learnt a lot from making her, amongst other things I know now that the doll must be a lot more stuffed than this is. I came up with this clever idea to use a patent-button (like those used in jeans) it worked well when I used a layer of felt between the two parts. So Ruby is able to turn her head. I was lucky enough to be given a paperbag filled with those buttons last summer so I can still have a lot of tests.

This white (?!) outfit is more fitted I think. In this photo Ruby seems to tell a fishermans story, don't you think? Oh, I've forgotten to give her a little colour in her cheeks. First thing in the morning tomorrow.
The next one I make will have bendable arms and legs. Elbows and knees.
Ruby is 15 centimeters (6 inches) tall. Believe my yarn was a bit thin.
Wish you all the best.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Say hello to Ruby.

Today I've been crocheting the most fiddly thing I've ever done. I have made one of these amigurumi dolls.I was close to give it up but I'm a bit stubborn too so I finished it off. She came out quite well I think, at a point I thought the head was way too big but it seems to fit now.
I found Beth's blog and just had to try myself. What Beth is creating are just amazing. She's a real artist.

The wig wasn't easy to make but I got it on her head and it's okay beeing my first try. Looking forward to make her clothes. They have to be simple to make untill I'm a bit more trained.

Her eyes are just some old buttons I had but I think they work well. White yarn wasn't the smartest thing but I was only going to try. I am going to give her some colour in her cheeks and coloured clothes. Think that will help.
What do you think?

By the way, the small cups are chrocheted too. I made them couple years ago. They are stiffened with milk.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Lately I've read about something called Zentangle. I've learnt that it's the same as doodling. I have been doodling all my life but only when "unconscious" so to speak. When speaking in the phone I can make a lot of doodling.

Yesterday I tried to do a cuple of zentangles.'s so fun!!!

I have to do this a lot more.

This was my first one ( brain in use....hehe) and as a start I made a crossword???
Felt the pressure.... normally I don't think when doing this.
I can see it's a bit overdone but learning by doing is what I like the most.
And I can see that the spelling isn't correct but couldn't let that stop me from showing the images.
I feel quite drawn towards cubical forms or other forms that seems to have depth.
I will experiment at that issue coming days.

My second attempt has the same problem as the first one: overdone, but I'm learning.

What do you think? Give me a hint or five...

How to chrochet your own skirt.

If you look at my sketch, you see the hip line. Make a chain wide enough to fit your hip line. For a stright skirt this is the number of stiches you'll need.
From hip line to waistline there is approximate 20 centimeters ( 8 inches)
Each side line should be slightly longer than the front/back line.
I prefer to start at the lower edge, and first I decide how long the skirt will be.
You can measure one of your existing skirts.

If you want a bellshaped lower edge you need to make the chain as mush wider as you want your skirt to be.

I have made my own two skirts.

The colourful skirt was my first. It came out well and I've used it a lot. The good thing with all the colours is that I can combine it with a lot of different tops and the skirt looks different. Depends on the colour of the top. You can have a look at it here

I used cotton yarn to make this so I wear it during summertime. The black and white is made of pure wool and it warms me during winter. I simply love the bellshape and I get a lot of comments every time I use it.
To create the bellshape you need to decrease the number of stiches rather quick.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.
Be creative and have a nice day.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Wow...are all these pictures from my blog ?

I did something again, this time I made a little collage of my previous used pictures. It's a challenge but so far so good. Now I have to take my camera and go for a lot of new inspiring images. Perhaps I'll pay our local shops a visit. There might be some inspiring things at the time. Lots of new things for the spring and that's exactly what I need right now.

I felt the spring.
Just when I had started to prepare for spring the snow fell again, and probably will do several times before spring is actually here. As I see it this is absolutely the worst time of year, but also the time for joyful expectations.
So lets hope for a nice and warm spring soon.

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Today I solved a problem from way back.

All my life, as long as I can remember, I've loved my flip flop shoes during summertime. In 2005 I spent my 3 weeks holiday in Australia and bought my best flip flops ever. They are made of real rubber material and are still going.
I can remember we were told that one could not wear these kind of "shoes" if one wanted to visit a restaurant. You simply was not welcome wearing flip flops.
And that's what my problem's all about.

How do you feel it when wearing flip flops during summertime?

For the past 10 years I've had my own boutique (selling curtains)and I've always felt kind of not proper dressed wearing my flip flops. Like I was always a bit undressed at my feet.
Today I've solved that problem once and for all. I've made my own "footers" or what to call them.
They came out quite nice if I may say so. I can see a big potential for variation with these ones. What do you think?

I like things that are a bit feminine so I can see the use of a lot of different buttons on these footers. And that's why I added a bow at the back too, and even a little pearl. A lot of decorations can be used and they can be made to fit the rest of your outfit.

Here you can see the bows at the back, quite feminine don't you think? (and I can see that my shoes are worn out)
I'm planning to make a handbag or a cluster to fit this pair. All in all there are a lot of opportunities. Would love to hear (read) what you all think of this.
The last picture shows them in front. I'm so glad that I came up with this idea and I'm really looking forward to summer now.
Have a nice weekend everyone.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Still a lot to learn......

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Trying to figure out the possibilities in Picasa. In fact I'm not tecnical at all so this is a great step for me. At least I could create an image, that feels like I'm onto something. Have to try more later.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

From postcard swap and strategic planing to the even more relaxing hook.

I,ve finished my cards and thought it was about time to grab one of my plenty hooks. It seems I've started my very own springtime now. I've become more than normally busy playing with colours.
I had to dive into my boxes containing yarn, lots of yarn. My excuses for buying yarn are always the same. It's so useful having them stored when the inspiration take hold of me. I can't think of a more irritating situation than to be inspired and have nothing to work with.( Even, that will never ever happen in my place)
I have a whole room (in fact it is two rooms) filled from floor to ceiling with a lot of fabric and yarns and a lot of, you know all the stuff one "need" to be creative.

The most inspiring colours right now are....

I have a very nice and old fashioned conservatory in my garden and I'm thinking of making something really romantic stuff to fill in there. I'm not sure my husband is equally happy but I'll just have to make him a soft cushion to rest his head on. He likes that. :-)
Here is what I started late yesterday evening.(after my dive that is...hehe.) I don't know what to make yet, possibly a cushion, but time will show. Are you ready for springtime yet ?
Good wishes.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Strategic planner.

A few weeks ago I read about strategic planning, and how to make ones own planner. I liked the idea and got started at once. I came to this place through ihannas blog. If interested take a look here.
I wanted to make my book a little different and started the process. I used all kinds of material and tools. The process of making is what I like the most and it's really fun too.
A few days earlier I bought a pale pink dotted paper ( just love dots)and that would be how my book is on the outside.

I have dated it to 2011 cause inside are my goals for this year, and next year I have the full history of my planing and doing. Important as a tool for further planing. Easy to spot weak points and easy to change. In fact this is a very good idea.

Let's have a look inside.

Once I open my book there is a pocket full of calendar sheets. That way I always carry my plans and do not double book any more. :-)
In the middle I have a pocket for my planing cards. Here I have written down my goals and been very specific when talking about: Amounts, time limits and how to do it. Totally new way of doing it for me, but to be specific gives me the possibility to see what I'm actually doing during a year.
And, as Lisa said, one should never underestimate the power of down written goals! I have made myself different cards for what to do.

There is my vision card, my goal setting card and my activity card. I have decorated them and therefor it's fun to even look at them. And it's easy to write down my own progress. I really recommend this method to all of you.
And the very best part is to have the history next year to plan even more accurately.

Could I stop making when ready with my first book?

The answer is NO!
This book I made for a very good friend of mine, she was going to celebrate her birthday and I gave her this book as a present. These colours were chosen accordingly to what she normally prefer and she liked it a lot.

Another friend of mine was going to arrange her first public arrangement and I wanted to give her a book as well. Just as a "well done" gift. She fell in love with it immediately and have later told me that the book feels so precious to her that she finds it hard to write in it.

Elisabet just love turquoise, blue and a mix of both so I felt quite sure she would like it. There are pockets in her book too, and I'm sure she will find the timing to get started.

Elisabet told me a childhood story about a ladybird and she became a bit overwhelmed when she saw it in her book.

This last one isn't for anyone special but I couldn't resist making it. Can you see the little one at the back of the book. I really love that image. She stands as a visual example of strategic planing. Her VISION: to get a greater overview. Her STRATEGY: to fly. Her TACTICS: wings and balloon. Isn't that something?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Still working........

I'm still working the postcards. I've lost my count by now but it doesn't matter. This has been a thrill since I started. My 10 cards are ready ( think the number is 14 by now)and all I have to do is to choose which cards to use. If all the participants have had as much fun as I have, there has been a lot of fun going on the last week.

These are my last 4 cards, but I'm going to make at least 3 more. (if I can ever stop again)These four are slightly different from the others and has been very fun to make. Hope you all have a good progress.

Friday, March 11, 2011

This is my 7th card.

Let me just tell you all to join this swap, you can sign up until the 18th this month! It's so fun. You can join here at Hanna's place.
I have been working on these cards some days now and it's fun to notice how one idea leads to another and before knowing it I'm almost done.
My photos don't have the quality I want and the cards turns better in real life. That's a good thing. Mostly I have been drawing and painting since I enjoy it and it feels relaxing.
Probably I'll finish this weekend and then the looooooong waiting starts.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My cards so far.

I have been busy all day making cards for this swap I have joined. My "catcard" came out pretty well I think ( hopefully the reciever like it too) It's a bit scary to think I'm going to send these cards to people I don't know and what if they get dissapointed.

This next image shows a card in progres. I know it's going to be just as I have thought. Strange thing that one can feel when things are on track.
This have been a snowy day so I have stayed indoors all day. I long for spring now and don't want more snow. But it helps doing funny things.

I wrote this post yesterday evening and now I have finished 4 out of 10 cards. Don't know how much I can do today though since there are other things to do too. But it's difficult to leave this cause it's so fun and housekeeping is not.
A nice and creative day to you all.........

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I am participating in a postcard swap !

This is going to be fun. I'm already going and my first card is ready. The second one is in progress and I'll show you some pictures,

This card is a result of some trouble I had with my cellphone the other day. And I was thinking back how easy it was back then. Just to dial......(wouldn't be back though)

As you see this is in progress. I don't want it too sweet so I'll have to do something more at the background.

This swap is open to everyone so I hope a lot of people will join in. If you read this just go to this place to join.