Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sandra is just 7 years old.

This winter I decided to show Sandra how to use a sewing machine. She impressed me by learning it very quick.

In beforehand I had made several different sheets of paper for her to sew on. Straight lines, lines connected by curves, lines with squared connections and a sheet with free forms. This is a very smart way to learn where to start and stop when to turn and the other things one have to know about. She was so consentrated, it was pure joy.

We had to pause every now and then so that her neck and shoulders could have a break. The very first thing we did was to buy her a suitable table and her very own sewing chair. I told her how important it is to have the right equipment, especially tabel (hight) and chair (right sitting position)
It took some time till she got used to the chair, and even now I have to remind her every now and then of how to sit properly.

I'll never forget the first weekend we did this. She was so eager to start and mornings she woke as early as the birds. I had told her that she was allowed to work on her own and she certainly did.
Her final result you can see in the last picture. She sewed it on her own, the only things I did was to cut it out and I did iron the edges. The heart on her pocket I made as well.

Isn't she a clever girl?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Michi a joyful day and a bit more. no. 20

The next morning officer Darkland called me and asked me to meet him at his office. I promised to come and we agreed to meet at one o'clock.
When seated in his office he seemed a bit uncertain what to say to me.
- Mrs. Jensen, he said it was a terrible day yesterday. What a pity we didn't find that girl earlier.
- Yes it's so sad I said, and Michi was totally devastated when she left me. She was convinced that she could have saved that girl if she only was given the opportunity.
He looked down at his desk and was fiddling with some papers there.
- What was it you wanted to talk to me about officer, I asked him.
- Eh, eh that issue yesterday, your girl and everything he said.
- Are you going to contact any journalists in this matter, Mrs. Jensen?
- NO, no absolutely not officer , on the contrary I was hoping we had an agreement to keep things out of the public eye. As a matter of fact I did hope it could be just between the three of us.
- Very well Mam, that was just what I was thinking too.
- Oh, and this officer I almost forgot. I handed him the little jacket.
- Thank you Mam I'll bring it where it belongs.
- Well, that's all then Mam, have a nice day.
The policestation is located in the second floor in the same building as the grocery store, the yarn shop and some other shops so I went down to buy some yarn. When down the first one I met was Michi with an icecream in her hand.
- Hello Michi I said, where did you get that from?
She was all smiles.
- Mr. Reed gave it to me, she answered.
- Oh, did he now, did you thank him nice then?
- Yes Mam, she did Mr. Reed said coming towards me, Michi is a very polite little girl.
- That's good, I said but I can very well pay for the icecream Mr. Reed.
- Oh no, this one's on me he said and smiled. Have a nice day both of you, I'll have to work now.
- Thanks a lot Mr. Reed we both said. We went to the yarn shop and I bought what I needed and we left.
- Michi I have an errand in the bank, do you want to come with me? I asked her.
- Yes I will, she said.
Inside the bank I told her to sit down on a bench there and wait for me. It took a while before I was ready to leave and when I was I told Michi to come too.
She shushed me.?
- What's the matter Michi? I asked her.
- Hush, she repeated. She sat completely quiet and was staring out in the room.

She was just staring out in the room-

Suddenly she looked at me and said - Shall we go now?
- Yes Michi, what was that all about?
- Oh, it was nothing, she answered.
When we came back home I asked Michi if she had any wishes for the day and she answered:
- Yes I want us to do some fun stuff!
- What could that be then? I wondered.
- I would love flying with the birds today, she answered.
- it possible at all?? I asked her.
She had a good laugh and said:
- Come on Laila, you know it's possible.
- Put your necklace on and we'll have fun.
- Ok I said there's nothing here that have to be done today so lets do it.
- Laila just one thing, hold my hand all the time otherwise we can loos each other, and if we do just go back home and I'll do that too.
- You'll have to let me lead the way. Is that okay with you? she asked me.
- Yes it is, I said. I put my necklace on, sat down and held her hand. Suddenly I could see our house from a birds view. We were out in the air without a mission, just for fun.
Close to our property there is three very big spruces, growing so tight it seems there is only one treetop. Michi leads us to the treetop amongst a huge flight of starlings. I have always loved the birdsong but now it's just a terrible noise.
We are so close to them and they seem not to be aware of us.
As at a given signal all of them takes off at the same moment and we follow them. All the flight makes a wide turn and just before we're back in the treetop we make a very steep landing.
This is amazing, I feel like a bird and I'll never forget it.
Off we go again Michi and I. I can see the landscape far below us and now we are "landing" at a mountain top. Oh, I've been here several times, on foot that is.
- Laila, do you like it? Michi asks me.
- Michi can we talk?? She's laughing - yes we can, there is no one here to hear us.
Of course, I said, Michi this is the most fantastic thing I have ever done. And right in the middle of a flight of starlings. I felt like a bird.
- Laughing out loud now Michi says wasn't that fun Laila? That super quick take off and the similar landing.
- Well Michi I have to admit that I imagined a crash landing but you did well. And yes, it was awfully fun.
- Look Laila do you see that train way down there?
- Yes, it's quite nice to look at the whole landscape from up here. Michi I've been here several times together with my husband.
- Oh she said, Laila lets go sit on top of that train. We did and it felt weird. If anyone knew what I was doing right now they would believe I was crazy.
We left the train and Michi took us back home.
- Oh Michi what a wonderful experience, how lucky I am to have done this. Thank you, I couldn't have done it without you.
- Yes wasn't it fun?
- Yes indeed it was, and on top of that train I almost felt like a train robber. Just like in the old country and western films.
- Laila what is a robbery?
- Well to rob someone is to steal their things or money or both. And when someone does that it's called a robbery.
Oh like that time I took teddy?
- Yes and no. A robbery is more like if someone threatens you to give away your things or money.
- Did you understand that? I asked her.
- Yes I think so, to steal is to take something that doesn't belong to you when no one sees you. And a robbery is when the thief and the owner are both present and the owner get threatened to give away his things.
- Yes Michi something like that.
- Laila, someone are planning to rob your bank, Michi said.
- How can you say that Michi?
- I heard them plan it in the bank today.
- what are you telling me, who was it then?
- I didn't see them, I just heard their voices. That's why I couldn't leave when you told me to.
- Michi are you sure of this? It couldn't have been something you imagined?
- NO,I heard them. The last thing one of them said was "okay boys, last meeting in 2 days. Same time same place."
- Michi I think we ought to tell this to officer Darkland.
- Oh no, do we have to?
- Yes I think we have. I'll try to call him up at once.
- Officer Darkland, I heard him say.
- Good afternoon Mr. Darkland this is Mrs. Jensen calling.
- What can I do for you Mrs. Jensen?
- Officer Darkland, Michi has some information I think you ought to know. Do you have time to meet us at your office at once? It won't take long.
- Can't it wait untill tomorrow? it's past closing time here.
- No I really don't think so officer.
- Ok come on then, he said a bit irritated.
When there Michi told him what she had been telling me and ended to say:
- And they are going to have their last meeting in two days Mr. officer.
Officer Darkland looked at me and asked me - Do you trust this Mrs. Jensen??
- I've had no reason to doubt her earlier so I thought the best thing was to tell you about it. Now it's done and the rest is up to you officer.
- Well then, have a nice evening both of you he said and showed us the way out.
When we came out Michi asked me
- Laila what is he going to do?
- I don't know Michi, it's out of our hands now.
When back home we made ourselves a rhubarb pie which we ate before Michi had to leave.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A terrible mistake. no.19

The next days I had to think of all that had happen in my life the last year. Michi coming out of the dew and all she represent. I wonder why she chose me to come to. How could she know that I would catch sight of her in our conservatory that evening. We haven't been talking about that Michi and I.
She has told me that there are a lot of children in the dew, what about all of them? What do they do in the dew, or are they all living lives in our world? I have to ask Michi all these things one day.
I also think of Mr. Darkland, I'm glad he could bare my scary behaviour. I'm still not sure it was a wise thing to do, but it's too late to regret it now. At least I gave him some flowers and thanked him for doing a good job perhaps that eased things up a bit for him.
This morning Michi came very early and she seemed outworn. I gave her some breakfast and then she asked me if she could have a nap before doing anything else. Of course she could but I had to ask her if she didn't feel well.
- Yes she said, I'm just so tired.
- Don't you sleep well in the dew? I asked her.
- These are hard times but Laila can we talk later, now I just want to sleep?
- Of course we can I said just go sleep for a while. And she went to the attic to sleep in Sandras bed.
I continued the usual housekeeping stuff and was worrying about her. What could be the matter with her, and " hard times" what does that mean?
When I had finished my work I sat down to read some news on my computer. Our local paper have their own site there and that's one of my favourites.
Just half an hour ago they published an article about some parents that woke up and didn't find their 2 year old daughter in her bed. They couldn't find her any place so they had called the police to tell she was missing. Now our local paper encouraged people to have their eyes open and report anything that could help finding the girl. Poor parents that must be a horrible shock. I hope she turns up very soon.
I couldn't stop worrying about Michi so I had to go upstairs to see if she was alright. When I entered the room she opened her eyes and said
- Hi now I've slept can I have a glass of water, please?
- Yes you can but Michi I didn't mean to wake you up. I'm sorry if I did that.
- No you didn't. I want to come down now. After a glass of water we sat down in the livingroom and I asked her:
- Michi what does hard times mean to you?
- I hate summer, she said.
- How can you say that, summer is the very best time of year, I said.
No, it's not Laila you know in summertime there are much less dew, and that's a problem. We have to gather a lot of dew you know.
- No I don't know I said why do you have to do that?
- We live in and from the dew you know that. In summertime all the dew we can find comes in to being in very early mornings and late evenings. That way there's not much time for sleeping. And that's why I was so tired this morning.
- Can't you sleep during the day then? I asked her.
- The smallest ones does but the rest of us are needed in the handling of the dew. They are hard times summertimes.
- Oh Michi, is there anything I can do to help you?
- No there's not she said.
We didn't speak for a while and I was thinking of what she had told me. She looked a bit sad and my heart was aching for her.
- Michi I have a great idea, why don't you stay with me all summer? That way you could have all you need the whole time.
- I would love to but I can't, I have to help out in the dew. But every now and then I have a day off to come visit you. The Mistress allows me to, she's so glad you found me.
- Oh, I was thinking of asking you about that earlier this morning.
- Michi how could you know that I would see you in the dew that evening?
- I didn't know that, I had been there a lot of times without anyone seeing me. And even if you saw me I couldn't be sure that you would let me live, but I'm awfully glad you did.
- All of us in the dew are trying all the time but there are very few people that let us live like you do, besides there are not many places left that gather enough dew to show up in. If you only knew how many car windows we've used but people don't see us.
- Michi does that mean that more children will come to our conservatory?
- No, that's my place now since you let me live, all the others will stay away from that place. You know, they almost take part of my living when I'm back and telling of my experiences. That way they learn about life too. But of course most of all they would like to live their own lifes.
- I'm so sorry for that I said, if only people knew that you were there it would have been easier for you.
- Yes it would, and now that you're telling this story people get a chance to know about us. Perhaps someone will start looking for us. She smiled now.
- I'm very special in the dew since you let me live a full life, most of those who have come to live here just live imaginary lifes. She looked at me and said,
- Laila that day you drew me for the first time I could hardly believe it. I was so exited, but the Mistress told me to calm down because we couldn't know if you just drew an image of what you saw.
- And for several weeks it looked like it was just what you had done. I was so dissapointed, but then one day you drew me again and the rest is history.
- You gave me an opportunity to full life and I'm so greatful for that.
- Oh I didn't know it's so difficult, there can't be many of you in full life?
- No there's not. This happens once every 10th. year or so but now we have good faith in my life. Perhaps I can help another child to full life through your story.
- Yes lets hope so, I said, you know Michi when we say " to be at the right place in the right moment" that expression get a whole new meaning to me now.
- Oh, she said but Laila are we going to talk the whole day? can we do something now?
- Well, what do you want to do then?
- I would love to pay Tom Baker a visit and tell him about teddy.
- Ok I answered I'll have to to pay the grocery store a visit so that's ok with me. We'll take my car and then I'll let you off down town. When I'm finished I'll come pick you up. Does that sound ok?
- Yes it's fine with me, she answered.
When I let her off I asked her to say hello to Tom Baker from me and she promised to do that. I drew off to do my errands. The grocery store were full of people so I had to queue up to get my stuff paid. To wait in line always make me feel that the time stand still, I really hate it.
At last it was my turn, I paid, gathered my groceries and left for my car.
Time to go find Michi. I parked outside the toy store and went inside to say hello to Tom Baker. Michi came towards me in a hurry and said,
- Laila, a little girl is missing from her home.
- Yes I read about that this morning, isn't she found yet?
- No, still not found Tom Baker said.
- Poor parents it must be a nightmare to them, I said.
- Michi are you ready to go home?
- Yes she said, goodbye Tom see you!
- Goodbye Michi nice of you to visit me, he answered. In the car Michi said to me
- Laila we can help finding that little girl. Lets go to Mr. officer and tell him.
- How can we help? I asked
- If I could have something that belongs to the girl it would be easy to find her, but you'll have to come too because I couldn't tell where I found her.
- Please Laila, lets go tell him that we can help.
- Ok, lets try I said.
- At the police station there were a lot of people and a high level of activity. I asked for officer Darkland and he came to meet us.
- Mr. officer, Michi said I can help you find that little girl.
- Well now, so that you can do, he said. How can you believe you can find her when all of us can't?
- I only need something that belongs to her, Michi answered.
- I have not got time for this nonsens, he said and turned away from us.
- Mr. Darkland, I said you know where to find us if you need any help.
- Yes Mam he said and was gone.
We left for home and Michi was silent all the way. When home she was so frustrated she started to cry.

- Laila that little girl can die, why won't he let me help? He so unfair!!
- Michi you know that most people don't know that abilities like yours exist. They all think it's nonsens. It's scary to even think they could exist. That's why he won't let you help. He sees it as a waste of time.
- But she can die, Laila.
- That's why officer Darkland was in a hurry, I told her. He knows where to find us Michi, we'll just have to wait and see. Let us hope they find her very soon.
- Do you want me to read you a story?
- No I will go upstairs and talk to teddy she said and left.
I could see she was upset but there's nothing to do but wait and see.
I prepared our dinner and when my husband was home we ate. Michi was even more frustrated because she had been trying to search for the girl without any result.
- I can't find her without having something that belongs to her, she said.
- Well Michi we don't have anything of that kind here, I had to say.
- Laila can you please make a phonecall to Mr. officer and ask him again?
- Do you think I should?
- Yes!! please do.
Ok, I'll try.
It was officer Darkland himself that answered the phone.
- Good afternoon officer, this is Mrs. Jensen calling. Have you found the little girl yet?
- No he said.
- What harm could it do to let Michi have a try? I asked him.
- Well as a matter of fact I was just thinking of that, he said.
- Good Mr. Darkland remember Michi need something that belongs to the girl, and Mr. Darkland if you could ask one of your officers to bring it to our house.
- I'll call you back on this number as soon as Michi has found her.
When I hung up Michi asked me to put my necklace on.
- We have to leave at once she said, OH I hope I can find her.
The officer came and Michi got a little jacket. I thanked him and he left. Michi sat down and I could see her squeezing the jacket for a little while.
- Laila come on, hurry up, she said.- Hold my hand and think of a pile of stones.
I did what she told me and at the next moment I could see the girl. I could see her home too not far from us. Ok Michi, back home I thought and we were.
Michi started to cry again and said
- She's dead Laila she's dead.
- No Michi we can't tell that for sure, calm down. I have to call Mr. Darkland at once. I called him and he answered the phone.
- Mr. Darkland I said she's not far from home. There is a small forest behind their barn and a hill further behind. Go to the top of that hill and follow the pathway a couple of hundred yards then you'll get a big pile of stones on your left hand side. She's in that pile but it's difficult to catch sight of her. You 'll have to go round to the steep cliff side, she lies very near to the edge and the only things visible is her head and a bit of her arms. And Mr. Darkland, hurry up please.
- Thank you Mrs. Jensen I'll give my orders right away.
About an hour later Mr. Darkland called to tell they had found her and that Michi was right. The girl was dead.
It broke Michis heart when I told her she cried and said, oh no she's one of us now!
I could have saved her, I know I could. Why didn't he allow me to help??
I could have given whatever it took to comfort her but it was impossible. She was devastated when she left. It was hard to tell her goodbye this time.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Michi and I in trouble again. no.18

I was so glad when Michi came this morning. I have a lot of questions for her.
- Hi Laila, she said - have you tried your necklace yet?
- Yes I have but it's dangerous.
- No it's not, she answered.
- Well I forgot not to speak so I scared a man. That could have been dangerous.
- Oh, she said - but I told you not to speak.
- Yes you did but I forgot, besides I didn't know that I was invisible.
- Didn't you?
- Laila did you have any fun?
- Yes I did, it's so fun not opening the doors. I jumped back and forth a lot of times. She smiled a big smile and said - see, I knew you would love it.
- But Michi it's scary to go visiting.
- Why? she asked.
- Well you said you knew when it's improper but I don't know that.
- Oh, I'll tell you then.
- If you're in a good mood and feel happy you probably will have a good time, and if you can feel anger something wrong is going on. Sadness means that the person you think of most likely has a bad time and if you feel scared something terrible is happening.
- When you get more experience it's easier to differ it more accurately. The most important thing though is to sense your own feelings. Oh, and I almost forgot if you feel embarrassed it's improper to go visit. And just remember don't talk what so ever!!
- But Michi, I feel scared all the time I said to her.
- That's ok, she answered - it will soon disappear.
- Well, perhaps you should come with me one more time I asked her.
- Yes, put your necklace on and we'll go visiting.
At the same moment she said that my phone called and I had to answer it.
- Hello, Laila speaking
- Hello Mrs. Jensen this is police officer Darkland calling.
- What can I do for you officer Darkland?
- Well,do you have that little girl there?
- Yes she is here.
- Have you read the local paper today Mrs. Jensen?
- No, I've not. Is there anything special?
- Yes he said, there was a case down at the grocery store yesterday and I believe that that little girl of yours have something to tell me. Could you please bring her down to the station so I could ask her some questions?
- Well, if you think it's nessesary.
- Yes please, he said.
- Well officer, we'll see you in a little while then.
- Thank you and goodbye, he hung up.
-Oh Michi what to do now? It wasn't you - it was me!!
- Laila don't worry it wasn't me so let's go.
- Michi I can't lie to him.
- I know it's terribly wrong to lie but if you have to, you have to. You must NOT tell him about the necklace. It would be a disaster if he knew about it, besides he won't ask if you did it he believe it was me she said.
- Michi can you believe it, it's in the paper today. We have to be very careful from now on I said to her.
- Yes we have, come on let's go down town.
Officer Darkland was waiting for us at the desk, and he didn't look very pleased.
- Well, there you are he said while leading the way into his office.
- What on earth were you doing at the grocery store yesterday?? he snarled at Michi.
- I haven't been there she answered.
- Oh yes you were he said.
- NO, I WAS NOT!!! Michi yelled at him.
- Constable take it easy I had to say to him - what's this all about?
- He grabbed the phone and did some talking and a few minutes later the shop manager came into the office.
- Well Mr. Reed there she is, officer Darkland said while pointing at Michi.
- That little girl? Mr. Reed said - no... no I don't think so.
- Oh yes, this is the one! the officer said.
- NO I WAS NOT THERE!! Michi was staring him right into his face while shouting.


- Michi calm down, I said and took her hand.
- No Mr. Darkland that's impossible Mr. Reed said she's far too small. The basket was this high up and the handle above that again so you can see for yourself that it's impossible.
- Well then, you watch out young lady I'll keep an eye on you, the officer said.

- Thank you Mr. Reed for solving this problem for us. I'm very greatful I said.
- You're welcome Mam, he turned to Michi and said to her - and you little girl come visit the store and I'll give you an icecream for this trouble.
She smiled that special smile of hers and said - thank you very much Mr. Reed I will. My name is Michi.
- Have a nice day Mr. Reed she said when we left the office.

On our way back home I asked her - Michi why are you being so upset every time you meet officer Darkland?
- Because he's so unfair. He knows nothing and he shouldn't be a police officer. He think he can do whatever he want to.......she became a bit giggly now, Laila it's you and me who can do that, not him she said.
When back home I had to start preparing our dinner so Michi was playing with teddy in the meanwhile.
When my husband came home from work we ate dinner all three of us. I had to clean the kitchen afterwords so I didn't know what Michi was doing. Suddenly she came running down from the attic in a hurry and said - Laila put your necklace on we are going on a visit.
I did what she told me and we sat down.
Michi said - Laila this is going to be scary so it's ok if you feel scared. Remember, don't talk and please hold my hand all the time.
Now think of Mr. Darkland she said and I felt scared and very uncomfortable.
The next moment we were at his place and he was really beating his wife. He seemed completely out of control and his wife was crying and begging him to stop.
I had to do something so I tried to get my voice to sound like mans voice when I said: Mister, will you stop that immediatley!!
I could feel Michi squeezing my hand. He turned around and I saw his anger disappear and fear came to his mind.
- What was that? he asked and now he started to shiver. He turned back to his wife and said , get out of here and don't come back tonight.
She left with their car and he pulled himself a drink. Michi and I left for home.
When home Michi said to me, - Laila that was smart but I almost started to laugh when you made that funny voice.
- I had to do something I said , do you think he recognised my voice?
- No I'm sure he didn't.
- Michi I don't feel comfortable with what we did, I'm not sure it was the right thing to do.
- But he was beating her, Michi said - at least we did something good for her.
- Yes, but I'll have to think this over.
- Ok and I'll have to leave now, it's late.
- Will I see you again soon then?
- Yes she said and smiled.
I couldn't stop thinking of Mr. Darkland. How much did I scare him and was he able to bear it?
Perhaps I should return to his place just to see how he's doing.
Yes I will. I put my necklace back on and sat down. When I started to think of him I could feel fear and I was scared, but I had to do this.
The next moment I was back at his place. He was scared, very scared but not drunk and that's a good thing.
I tried to change my voice again and said: Mister don't fear.
He grabbed a gun and pointed it all over the place.
- Where are you, he asked - come forward.
- Mister put your gun away, you don't need it.
- Where are you, he asked again.
- I'm all over the place I answered. He did actually put the gun away and then he asked me - Are you the Lord?
- Oh no, I said I'm just a helping hand you have nothing to fear from me, absolutely nothing remember that. I just want you to stop being violent to your wife, that's all.
- Go to sleep mister and relax, you've nothing to fear. I'll leave now.
When back home I put the necklace away and hoped that this had helped him.
The next morning I decided to go down town and buy him some flowers. I really hoped that he was back at work.
He was, and I gave him the flowers and told him that I appreciated his work and that I was sorry for all the trouble we had caused him. He was surprised and very glad and thanked me for the flowers.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sandras trip to a top called Brusaknuten.

Friday the 4th. of june we took Sandra to a mountain walk. The wether was warm and the sun was shining. We really should do this more often and we had promised Sandra to do this for a long time now. Sandra was so exited and she really klimbed like a mountain goat. She was the one that traced the route so she was always ahead of us. This route was marked with red marks on stones as you can see in the first picture.

This next picture shows the wiew from the top. It's amazing, in the aera we live we have a long coastline and a lot of beaches. Further in from the coast we have norways best agriculture land, and even further in we have these beautiful mountains.
As you can see in the picture we are quite high up, in fact we are 430 meters above the ocean. Far down below you can see the forest.

The last picture shows some beautiful animals we met on our trip. Sandra was very happy to do this and she picked a big bouquet of flowers to bring back home. We all had a lovely time and we have to do this again.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My magic day without Michi. no.17

After my husband left for his job this morning I had to open the black box again. I took the necklace in my hands and felt its coolness. In fact it looks like a bunch of raindrops, the only difference is that they don't dissolve when touched.
Oh how much I want all of my friends to see and touch this but then again I can see it wouldn't be wise to talk about it. Someone could be tempted to "borrow" it.
What a pitty though, it's so uncommon.

Today it's almost black, it appears just like water in nature the colour changes in relation to the light.
I can't help start wondering if I could do it of my own. Could I really walk right through the door without opening it?
Should I have a go? YES,I'll try it!!
I put the necklace near to my skin and decides to try a door inside the house. That way there's nothing to fear what the neighbours are conserned.
Can I do it, will it work for me??
I have my doubts but here I go. And, banging right into the door.
OUCH!!! My goodness I could have broken my nose or my teeth. This isn't for grannies.
I have to sit down and think a bit. How is Michi doing this? Well, she just does it. Why didn't I ask her! She told me not to talk what so ever, and I didn't. But she always used to say " whatever I want to" perhaps that's it. I have to want to come out on the other side. One more try and that's it.
Looking at the door and wanting to be at the other side of it I...I...WOW I did it!!!
Now back in again...double WOW I really can do it!!!
I'm so exited I jumped several times back and forth through the door.
I had to sit down for a bit and thought, now perhaps I should pay someone a visit?
No, cool down and wait until Michi is back so I can ask her some advice. But I have to admit that this thrills me.
I try to relax while sitting and starts thinking that I have to go to the grocery store. Suddenly I'm there, how it happened I don't know but I'm here.
OK, then I can just as well get the job done so I pick me a basket and start picking the things I need.
People are staring at me and I try to smile but nobody smiles back. What's all this about? Well, I'll have to continue my job so I go further down the shop. People still staring and not smiling back to me.
The shop manager is coming towards me and not smiling as well. And he...he...he takes my basket and is ready to leave with it when I say: HEY...don't you see I,m using it?
He turns around and when I see his face I understand that something is awfully wrong. He's scared.
I'm invisible.
NO, no back home at once. Back home NOW!!!
Back home I breath like an elephant. Oh, what a disaster. Michis words are sounding in my head "don't talk what so ever". Sweet lord, I just did that. I could have scared him to death.
Put the necklace away. It's dangerous.
Well, the necklace itself isn't dangerous but I am wearing it.
Oh boy, this could have cost me a lot of trouble. The best thing to do is to take the car down town and see what's happening.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Michi and the necklace. no.16

The next time Michi came back I was busy making a new pair of trousers for myself. She was eager to try my sewing machine, but it's brand new and she is too small so I had to let her use the old one. She was a bit scared of the machine so we ended the work and went down to our livingroom. When down Michi said
- oh, I almost forgot this, here you are and she handed me a little box.
- What's this I asked her?
- It's the necklace, she answered.
- Oh let me see then I said and opened the box.
- Oh Michi how nice, I've never seen something like this. The necklace looked like a lot of raindrops glued together. I couldn't see anything that held them together. And they felt like very small balloons filled with water.
- Is it possible to use it? I asked her, won't it break very easily?
- No, this time I've made it strong enough Michi said.
- I can't wait to show it to my friends, I said it's so beautiful.
- Eh Laila, it's just for you Michi said and then she asked me - Laila will you read me a story from the teddy book?
- Yes go find it and I'll read to you.
After a sweet story Michi asked me whether I would like to try my necklace. I put it on and had to admire it in a mirror but I could see that the colour had changed.
- Michi I said the colour has changed, why did it do that?
- That's because of the light she answered it can have several different colours, but Laila you'll have to wear it near to your skin.
- Why, nobody will be able to see it then?
- It's not for the others, it's for you!
- Would you like to try it? she asked me again.
- ?? Well I have it on now don't you see?
- Yes, but would you like to try it?

It looked like raindrops.

- What do you mean?
- Put it under your sweather and take my hand, she said. I did what she told me and we went to the front door. All of a sudden Michi disappeared through the door holding my hand, and before I knew it I was outside too. The door had not been touched. I probably looked like I just had fallen down from the moon because Michi started to laugh and was not able to stop for a long time.
- Michi I said what happened?
- It's your necklace she said.
- Come Laila let's sit down at the garden bench.
- I had to ask her - Michi does this necklace make me able to disappear just like you?
- Yes, she was nodding her head and smiled her big fat smile as she answered.
- She must have seen my fear for she took my hand and said, - Laila there's nothing to fear don't be afraid.
- I'll show you one more thing she said, hold my hand and don't speak what so ever. Now you'll have to think of Mr.BIL ( she told me his exact name but here I'll use these letters.) and I'll think of him too. And remember don't speak.
- The next I know was that I was in Mr.BIL's livingroom. He was just watering his plants. And the next moment we were back on my garden bench.
- Michi I said this is impossible, how could you do that?
- I wanted you to have the same possibilities as I have so I made you this necklace.
- Michi, don't you see that it can be very improper to visit people this way?
- I know when it's improper and then I don't do it. And you'll be able to feel it too.
- Michi, I don't think I can accept this necklace. I can never use it like it was ment to.
- Oh Laila, you'll love it I know you will!!
- When you're not wearing it, you just store it in the box and take good care of it. It's just yours so don't tell anyone of it.
- Michi, how do you know Mr.BIL?
- He's a friend of you and Mr. J (my husband), she smiled.
- Yes he is, but how did you know that?
- I knew,she said.
- Laila, I was at his place yesterday when he was having a nap at his couch. He had turned his laptop off and I turned it back on. Now she started to giggle. - Michi you can harm people by doing such things, people can be really scared.
- I know but he was sleeping and I wanted to pull him a joke.
- Well now I'll have to go inside and lay down for a while this has been too much to me.
- OK, she said I'll leave then but I'll soon be back.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Michi at the police station no. 15.

- Michi you were brave at the police station, I said to her, I'm very proud of you.
- I was very scared, she said.
- Yes I could see that and I,m very glad you stayed with me all the time.
- When we're finished here I want to give you a special treat for being so brave today.
- Oh,what then, she asked?
- Well wait and see. I was thinking about buying her the big teddy bear as a gift. She hurried up and soon we were out in the streets again. We went towards the toy store and I asked her
- Michi would you like me to buy you the big teddy bear?
- Oh yes I love him, but Laila, can I wait outside while you are buying him?
- No Michi you have to come too,there's nothing to fear.
- Ok, she said and I could trace some unwillingness with her.
It was the shop owner himself that greeted us when we came inside.
- Hello, he said to Michi, what's your name?
- Michi, she said.
- Oh, that's a cute name for a cute girl he said while smiling. - my name is Tom Baker
- Oh, Michi looked at him and smiled back.
- What can I do for you ladies today?
- Well we want to buy the big brown teddy bear I said.
- very well Mam he said would you like me to wrap him up? he asked Michi.
- No, thank you I'll take him as he is, Michi answered.
- Alright then but then you'll have to get this book with teddy stories too. And that's for free he said to Michi.
- Thank you very much she said.
- You're very welcome but then you'll have to pay me a visit next time you're down town so I can hear how teddy is behaving, he told her.
- Yes I will she said with a big fat smile on her face. I paid him and we left the shop.
- Tom is a kind man Michi said.
- Yes indeed he is.
- Next time I'll go and say hello to him Michi said.
- Yes, that you should do, I agreed.
When back home Michi played with teddy and the book. She looked at all the pictures and told teddy a lot of stories.
When she was ready to leave for the dew she wouldn't bring teddy for some reason. She promised to be back soon.

She told him lots of stories.