Sunday, April 20, 2014

Making a difference.

I was so thrilled to get the message

that I am one of the winners in Dion's giveaway on Friday, that I sat down to play and this mandala happened.
My son had been giving me a new compass, one he not longer uses, and thought I would like to have it. This is a small compass, and while sitting there to play, I were fiddling with this compass, and before I knew, the outlines for this mandala were made.

I felt sure this one was meant for Dion, but something strange happened. Nothing seemed to suite as I would like it to be. This mandala took it's own ways. I had to leave it over night, because I couldn't make it work. I let it sit on my shelf to be able to watch it each time I passed it. That's how I do it, when things won't cooperate. Almost let them speak to me from the shelf. This was when still in drawing stage.

Saturday around noon, I sat down to continue my work on this one. I was listening to the radio, and they were talking of how to make a difference. That's how I come to realize that this mandala is meant for 

Luminarte, represented by Leslie Ohnstad.

One doesn't have to be a rocket cientist to understand that Leslie Ohnstad might have some hard times right now. To have a company split will always bring some sort of trouble.
I am worried for the future of the Twinks, and want to say to Leslie : Leslie, I count on you to continue the work with all these lovely colors, maybe even launch new sparkling ones. In your turn you can count on me to continue my use and love for your products. Personally I have promised myself to introduce the Twinks for at least two new persons coming month, and hope to place an order for these new people.

Fellow Twinks lovers, I won't ask you to do the same but think of it. What a huge difference that could make for Leslie and her company, and at the same time it would secure the future for the colors we love.

Lets make a difference and show Leslie that we really appreciate her work. I'm asking you, who love the Twinks, to leave a comment telling Leslie you're part of the security net that surrounds her and her work.

I'm going to share this post on our FB page, please, don't just hit the like button. Make the effort to write something of your own as a comment. It could be like : I'm part of the network too, or You can count on me too. It won't cost much for each one of us, just the time spent on writing the comment, but could mean a whole lot for her.
Please everyone, join me and help making a difference.

Leslie, this mandala is yours if you want to have it. E-mail me your mail addrss, and I'll mail it to you.

Thank you everyone for supporting this little effort to make a difference, your comments will ensure Leslie that it's worth fighting for.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Daily routines messed up.

It has been an odd week.

Handyman free from work and my days have not been as usual. Isn't it strange how one can't get the routine to work properly with another person around. It's not that I don't like to have him home, I just notice how things change.

Just a little sketch I did, the text says : They told me it's summer, but I don't know, it's cold and no nests here.
I have come to use my sketchbook alot more than I thought I would. I often use it for testing out things that I'm going to make larger pieces of. Next photo shows such a test.

I had made a piece with birds, but didn't like it much because the birds, kind of, just sat there. No life in the piece so to speak. Therefore I decide to make another one where the birds were "alive"  The finished piece below is called : The Angry The Brave and The Curious one. This is a much better one, and one can almost hear the noice from the birds.

I have been doing quite much arty stuff this week, even with handyman around. Much testing, failure, but new ways of using my result and so on. I'll have to show you some other time, today I finish off with a journal page done in acrylics and twinks.  It was quite a job to paint the fence, but I had to because of some very dark photos in the book.

Finally, let me tell you that I was one of the lucky winners of a free spot in Dion Dior's Watercolor Pencil class. Yayyyyy!! Starts in September, I think. She has lowered the price of this class till the end of May, so why don't you consider a spot for yourselves. Dion is a very skilled artist AND teacher. I so much look forward to this.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy Friday everyone!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

From nothing to wall.

I have been working on black paper

and combinations with black paper lately. There is a lot to discover and I find it very interesting. I don't know why I have not thought of using my twinks on a real canvas, but I did that some days ago. The canvas was an old one that has been painted on several times, acrylic painting. So, I gessoed it black and wondered if that would give any results with the twinks.

As you see above, I drew a pretty simple subject since this was meant to be an experiment. I drew a sketch on paper and transfered it to my canvas using white pan pastels on the back of my sketch.

All the texture in the canvas were there from earlier use and I thought it may add to my painting. What I discovered was that my paint withdraw from certain areas, and instead of reworking I just let it be. Below is the final result.

I did use my beloved neocolors 2 on top of the twinks in the background. It can be too much shimmer, so I like to reduce it by using some matte mediums. That may be neocolors, colored pencils, regular watercolors or pan pastels. It worked out well, and the best part was that it didn't curl up as my black paper. All I did was to varnish it in the end.

Since I had a nail in my diningroom wall, I tried to hang it to look at it for awhile and it's not bad at all.
The cast shadow even made it look like the vase is sitting at a tiny table. Pure luck.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

What a rainy morning can bring.

I couldn't quite like to paint on black paper in class,

while many of my fellow students were very excited. So the other day I found it was time to do another try. No expectations and no rules, my approach was to let loose and let the imagination and intuition take control.

What an adventure! I found myself both excited and thrilled. I used Clear Tar Gel from Golden to, quite
randomly, make the outlines of my rose. I wanted it to be a loose style rose and concidered it all to be a test. I let the gel dry well before getting on with paint. All my color choices were made by intuition. The reason all the lines are so black is the paper. The gel is clear but shiny, and makes it look like black paint. Have a look at the photo below, can you see it looks like fabric in the background?

With the paint dry, I added pan pastel to the background. One layer of Ultramarine Blue. I spent a long time concidering whether to stop at this stage, but my curiosity won and I added a final layer.

I used different colors of pastels and made lines. I think these lines add movement to my piece, but I'm not sure if this was the best piece to add them to. But, the flower stand out well because of it's shimmer. To use pastels together with Twinks is a fantastic combination. They both accentuate one another well, and it creates lots of  interest.

So far I've learnt many new things and I'm definitely going to do more of this. Suddenly black paper became an interesting substrate for me. Isn't it strang how little it takes to make a big difference?

By the way, can you see that the line work is a little inspired by Van Gogh.
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you've enjoyed your visit.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Some old tools

For many many years

these were among my most used tools, together with a bunch of different sewing machines. I'm a trained tailor, and when in school, we were forced to use a thimble. It was a hard job to get used to it, and now I can't make a single stitch without it. No matter what I need to stitch, my thimble is a must.

That's the reason I have three, one quite small if my fingers are cold, one for warm hands and the fancy pink one were bought last summer in the US. I think that will be a good one, but I don't sew much these days.

My left hand pair of sissors is an important tool too, and as a tailor I do keep my fabric sissors away from all kinds of different use. I have one for paper use, one for kitchen, some fabric sissors and a couple of thread cutters. All for left hand use or universal.

This sketch were done with black pen only and watercolors.
Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful weekend!

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Work in progress.

I'm working on a piece

that I have envisioned to be a great one. I'm sad to say that every piece I make never ends like I have envisioned.
I start by drawing my complete composition, and I have learnt that without a good drawing, my end result won't be good either. I'm not the kind of painter that can paint without any drawing. So, I put quite alot effort in to get it where I want it to be. In this particular piece, the birds are what matters for me, and I want each of them to have their own specific expression. Below is my drawing, this is how it looks when I'm ready to start painting.

Unlike what I have done in earlier works, I start with the birds this time. Normally, I paint the main subjects in the end of my work. But this time the other way around.

With all my practice lately, I've seen that the fear of getting started has disappeared. Any mistake is possible to fix, so it's just to get started. What I've also learnt is that to start with very light colors is smart, and that has now become a habit for me. Just to add more and stronger colors as work progress.

My birds turned out just as I wanted, and I'm very happy with them. It does remain to see how the background will affect them. Hopefully it will turn out well.
Thank you for visiting and leaving your comment, it's much appreciated!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Playing with ink

I was playing with ink the other day.

My sketch book has become a great place to play and test new things. Subjects I want to make a larger piece of are often first tried in my sketch book. This particular day, I was testing ink and how it would turn out if I let it bleed with spraying water onto the lines before painting anything.

As you see abowe, the ink spread out too much with spraying, so I changed my method by using a brush dipped in water instead. I liked that much better, since I had a bit more control with the bleeds. It was fun doing, and I will definitely do this more. The ink I used was water resistant,(?!) but that is when dry. I manipulated the ink when still wet.

I've learnt a whole lot about shading during the class I just finished, and I want to try more ways to use that knowledge. There is also a lot more I want to practice more, so my days will be filled to the brim of fun. My three roses in a vase are not excactly a masterpiece, but they served the purpos.

Because of the angles when photographing, the ink seems to be blue. It's black though. Do you have a sketch book? Why don't you join the Friday Sketching challenge Dion Dior hosts every Friday? It's much fun and one can link up the work every day during the week. There are no rules except your sketch has to be in a sketch book. Each Friday Dion announces a theme for coming weeks sketch, but we can do our own choices. It's easy to link up your work, just by copying your post address and add it in.

Give it a try, I'm sure you'll enjoy it too!