Friday, August 12, 2011

Two more girls.

Hello my friends.

Two more girls today. My 10th girl is a strange one. She was so mild and soft when drawn, and came out quite different when painted and done. She appears a bit stiff and looks very determined.
When I look at her now I see that there is few shadows, perhaps that plays a role. Besides that I did something in a hurry that I shouldn't have. It was just before I was going to serve dinner and : "just a minute I just have to....." I put a shadow line to her left side. (I'm lefthanded) I didnt bring my thoughts when I did it. The line itself is too dark and it's on the wrong side of her face.
Inspite of that I'm quite satisfied with her. At this point I have some finished girls to compare and I like them better with a painted background, I feel there's somthing missing without that.

This girl is mostly a joke. It's faces I'm making but I couldn't resist this one. So this model is showing fashion from back in time. Do you see the shoulder pads? Do you remember how we looked like? We were like wrestlers all of us.

I'm surprised how well the rose came out. I, honestly, didn't know that I could draw not to mention the painting. I'm really enjoying it.

Right now I'm in the phone at the same time as I'm writing this. I think it's better to just finish this off.
Wish you all the best.

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  1. Hei. Den skyggen du snakke om (mørk korthåret), syntes jeg forteller om hennes tilstand. Hun har ikke et gledens ansikt, og skyggen forteller om hennes stramme, kontrollerte tilstand, tenker jeg.
    Jeg lærte at; skyggene gi utrykkene i ansiktet, enten du er glad, sur, lei eller full av humor. Skyggene fører det an ...