Sunday, August 14, 2011

More faces and some music.

Faces # 12 and 13.

Hope you're all haveing a nice Sunday morning.

My painting from the 13th was inspired from both a photo and some music. I'm extremely pleased with how nice I got the colours blended in this one, but I'm getting a bit tired of all this beauty.
All the photos I use as inspiration are from fashion magazines and all the models are as beautiful as can be. The benefits are that there are no extra lines and saggy skin.
This girl is adverticing a special brand of lipstick, and as you can see the lower part of my painting is "torn out". That's where the written part in the ad was. Just as I was wondering what to do in that space I heard this music and knew I had to draw her shoe.

Parts of the lyrics goes like this: I'm lost in the tango, I lost all my fandango too. Drinking tequila from the se├▒oritas shoe. Dancing on the tables, shooting for the moon while a thousand guitars are playing in tune.

Can you see why I had to make that shoe?

Take a few minutes to listen to this music. It's a well known Norwegian artist and these rhythms are really catchy. Enjoy!

My 12th girl.

This girl is posing and showing outfits. I really fell for the hat. I simply love the swirly lines of wide brimmed hats, but it don't help my training on faces much. I got to do this nose though, it's a bit unusual for me with a nose in this angle.
I shouldn't have made the white spots in the background uneven. I can easily see that I could have made it into buildings. Well..., done is done.

Just one more left before I start using my imagination again. I look forward to that.
My last this week will be a little girl with very red and curly hair. I've tried several times to do children but it won't work so I'm quite courious if I can do it this time.

That's all for today folks, wish you all the best.

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  1. Hello, I like what you are doing with your faces. I think magazine models are a great way to discover new faces. I do that but then try to make them of a different era that the magazine. And thank you for your visit to my blog and leaving the nice words. I appreciate you.