Thursday, March 29, 2012

Finally some paint again.

Late this evening I finally sat down at my desk again. 

It's been so long without painting and tonight I discovered how much I've been missing it. Tomorrow I will paint all day. Well at least almost.
When I have been surfing around in blogland lately I have felt my fingers itching, and now it's time.
 What I did tonight was painting an old sketch just to get started.

There are so many things I want to do so it can be hard to choose.
My crocheting has come to an end for now. The last bird just have to get his legs in place. They are much fun to make and I'm sure I will make more of them later on.
I have to show you my last ones too, for me they all have their own personalities.

These two guys are teens, I'm sure they both would have very quick movements if they were alive.

The one below is more like a duck. I made him when in the phone and don't really know what happened. Something different with the shape of his head. That's why I had to give him different feet.

Say hello to granny, she is slow more like sailing. Notice her slippers, they are removable. It doesn't show well but she has pink dots too.

And finally I just had to make a princess. She was so much fun to make. The crown is fasten with yarn because I will not use glue on them. She has beads on her tail and gold shoes.

I have got a lot of feedback on these birds. People seems to like them alot and that's fun for me, but they are not ready to leave home yet.
I hope you enjoy looking at them, and thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Something close to a zoo.

I made some animals just to get it into my fingers.
When I had finish these it was time to create something for myself. It's much more satisfying to make ones own  creation. One day I was passing the bird I was given from my friend and the idea stroke me. Why not make birds with different expressions.

I did and now I have made 5 birds. The shape is the same (almost) in every bird, it's the colours and teckniques that differ them. As you see one is ready for landing while the other ones are still flying.
I will use a fishingline to hang them from. The yarn is only for me trying to hang them. I'm still in search for the final way of doing them but I feel pretty close right now.
I have so many ideas for how they can look, perhaps I should write my ideas down so I don't loose them.
Even they are small it's amazing how many details it's possible to give them. As an example I could mention the use of beads, gold floss, dots. What do you think, wouldn't it be fun with a dotted bird?
In the Norwegian Royal Residence in Oslo they have a room called The Bird room. Perhaps I should make my own private bird room, or I could hang them out in the appletrees coming summer. That would in fact be eyecatching.
 Below is Pinky, I think she's my favorite this far. Notice the darker pink on top of her shoes. Shoes and legs are the hardest part to make, it's so tiny bits.

The next is the first one that I made, I call it Lacetail.

 Meet Landing Helena!

The following one hasn't been named yet.

The last one is still in progress.

What are you up to these days? We have a beautiful and sunny day here today which I enjoy.
Whish you all the best too!

Monday, March 19, 2012

So much for painting.

My intention was to paint again but there were just a small thing I had to try first.....................

I couldn't let go of my hooks. I had to try making an amugurumi, and got hooked again. They are so fun to make and I can't stop. I have been thinking of making one for a long time now and have been collecting tips and how to's over a long periode. I couldn't find a perfect pattern so I mixed. A bit from here and there, and my last item is close to how I want it to be.
It started with some Easter eggs.

This items are inspired from Red hot. The one in the middle has excactly the eggshells she made, but I wanted to do them differently so I skipped the coloured edge and made the final row in a different way.

This led me to try making some chickens and I did. I really like these ones. I was inspired by Jane but again I made a lot of changes on how to. I don't like to sew the head to the body so I had to change that. I did change their peeks too and their feet, but they look pretty much the same. I couldn't resist making them some clothing and I like how they turned out.

To find the pattern you'll need to choose her free patterns and scroll down untill you see it.

Well now I'm deep into it and I had to try making Mia's garden fairy. Again I simplified the pattern and did it my way. Not as successful as hers perhaps but well enough for me, and much easier to make.

The one in progress is a product of my own choices. Now it remains to make the personality. What I like the most about this one is that it's able to stand up. I love making them even that the work is soooo small and fiddling.

You can see that they fit into my hand. Now I'll have to think about what kind of clothes this one should have. The clothes are ment to underline the personality so I'll better think well.

Isn't this one cute, standing there all alone.

Good at posing anyway.
Well, I guess it won't be paint on my fingers for awhile. I just have to finish this roll.

Have a good time whatever you are creating.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What I didn't finish.

Now I want to paint again.

There are a few things that I didn't finish, but one day I will. Now it's time to paint again. I'll put all the yarn away for now.
We've had a strange kind of weather a week now. Usually there is a bit windy here, and last week  there were no wind at all. Instead we've had fog every single day. Today I saw the sun for 10 minutes and felt the spring. I'm so looking forward to spring.
I did sketch a couple of shawls that I want to knit, but it has to be later.

The skatch above shows the shawl as I want to make it. The one below will be made with slightly different colours, or perhaps with a couple of colours less than showed.

Do you remember the sketch I made before painting this? (below) Well, this painting isn't quite what I had in mind so I'll have to keep on working on it. This is the very first time I painted on canvas and it's different. Not that easy to turn and move as a paper-sheet. I believe it's all about getting used to it. How do you work on canvases? Do you paint standing or.....?

Below you can see my 4 blankets. Now I'll put them away until it's time to wash and dress them.

I've had an awful lot of fun making them while listening to the radio.

Wish you all the best!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Still on the hook.

I've been busy.
I'm still crocheting, and have finished up a few things and started new ones. It's very relaxing to crochet and listen to the radio. And time flyes. I try to use the yarn that was given to me, but in some cases I have to add something extra to get the result I'm looking for. The colours of the yarn is not what I would choose if I bought them myself but it's interesting to see what I can do to what I have.
Earlier today I looked up an old blanket I made back in 1980. Blue and green, these colours was not "allowed" together back then.

I finished the baby blanket and then I made some hats and a neck piece. The neck piece is not as I want it to be so I'm making another one.

  I'm not sure about the hats. I'll ask a young relative of mine to bring them to a girlparty and ask some opinions. Just stupid to make several if nobody want to have one.

The neck piece below is ment to be a tight one. No long tails to interrupt anything. This one is a bit too small and I'm making a new one that looks a bit more like I was thinking it should. It has a button to close it at the back.
A second blanket is finished too and a third one on it's way. I wonder when I'll be back painting again.
I'm pleased with the blue blanket, and I'm excited about the next one. It's so much fun to choose and combine the colours trying to get a good result even if the colours are not my favs.

I have some brown colours too, and right now I'm planning how to use them and get a result that I like.

Have some fun time everyone!!