Sunday, August 28, 2011

Five "faces" today.


Today it's not real faces I'm going to show you. I have been thinking of how to make different expressions in my painted faces and came up with this idea.
If one have equal faces, how to make them look different? Today I have tried to express five different moods. Can you recognice those feelings: Frustration, cheerfulness, aggression, pleased and irritation?

Next question is, is it possible for me to transfer these expressions into my painted faces? I haven't tried it yet but I have some thoughts of how to try. How about a group of nuns? They looks the same but have different faces and bodyshapes. That could be a rather cool experiment. Don't they have a "talking hour" where they can express things? Perhaps I will try this.
Yesterday my artistic friend was visiting and we had a lovely day. We smeared and painted all day and had some real joyful moments. I didn't photograph anything and that's a bit irritating. Next time I will, that's a promise.

How do you get different expressions into your painted faces?
That's all for now, have a nice day and thanks for visiting.

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