Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My latest girlface.

Still practicing.

I'm still practicing my drawing skills. It's quite difficult to reach the right skincolour and then to get it even. But I feel I'm on my way.

I can see I have a lot to work on and the hair is always a callange, but I really like to do this. I'll show you 2 photos this time. The first one in progress and the second one when done.
If you look you can see that the skincolour is very uneven so I had to paint over again. Her hair wasn't quite well either so a lot more work to do.

In the second photo I call her done even if I can see things that could have been better.
The background is a challange too, I'm always ending up not knowing how to create the background. Suppose it's all about training. This background is made squary inspite the fact that I really don't fancy squares. Easiest way though.....

During my decluttering I finally came over a set of postcards that I've been searching for a while now. The cards are made between 1910/1920 and shows specific buildings in New York City. They're so nice and I'm thinking of showing them off. I've never been to the US so I don't know if the buildings are still there but it would have been fun if anyone out there could tell me which buildings still exist.

That's all for now, wish you all the best.


  1. I love her! I think the background works very well. I found Norahs Art blog a great help and resource for getting the skin tones right etc.

  2. She's great! Hair is my biggest challenge when I do faces. I think you did great with the hair for this girl.