Thursday, August 11, 2011

Two more girls. One dressed and....

Good morning to you all.

I had a quarrel with my 8th girl.
She insisted on wearing that outfit and that colour. She has knitted the hat herself and wouldn't follow my advice to hold it in her hand.

I was trying to draw a sideway profile and I'm not pleased. She looks a bit fun but take into concideration that she's showing us her back.
Her chin should have been shorter, her face should hold the same angle as her hat. Besides that she was good practice and I learn the most of those who is not that good. I really feel that I'm improving, I use less time to draw and certainly less time to paint. All in all I feel that my daily drawing/painting is useful when talking about learning.
Next week I think I'll draw without a photo as a guideance. Well, I'll have to see.
I'm still struggleing with drawing the hair, but I'm practicing. The other day I baught my first canvas ever. I placed it besides my desk and it'll have to wait. It feels much too scary to start painting at.

My # 9 girl.

I was a bit uncertain whether to show this one off. One can never know if anyone out there will feel offended. I apologise if someone do.
When I first saw this girl (photo) I fell for the image. An angled face with a loooong neckline, which I really like. All the light in this one was tempting too. To be short, I couldn't resist the temptation.
This girl is adverticing for a "must have" bodyoil. (15 years ago) I remember when I was a child there was this painting in many homes. That girl had a red dress on but her posing was almost the same as mine. Today that painting is very attractive in antique fairs.
The skintone is still a challange for me. All my girls do have different skintones. The one above has the whitest tone of them all, but I think it works.

I'm glad I tried this one because I learnt a whole lot about the light and how to deal with it. It felt quite odd with all that white at her shoulders but it's all the same correct and it works well.
Enough for today, new challenges are sitting on my desk waiting to be handled.
Take care.


  1. Your girls are both great but I especially LOVE the nude one. You did a fantastic job on her. And if anyone is offended by your painting then they can just look away. I think she's beautiful!!!

  2. Du altså, fantastiske nakendame. Alt du gjør, er guuud, fortsett med det:) Er en fornøyelse å følge deg!