Sunday, July 31, 2011

A different weekend.

We drowe to a city called Flekkefjord.

Saturday we had a daytrip to Flekkefjord. To our surprise there was a festival going on and lots of people in town. The weather was sunny and very hot. We did enjoy the sunny day and walked the streets and baught a bit of this and that.

When it was time to return we chose another way back because we wanted Sandra to have seen a place called " Helleren" The road which passes Helleren is very steep and narrow. The photo below is a postcard showing Helleren. People lived in this house before and during World War 2.

My husband snapped a photo of Sandra and me in front of the houses.

Today we went to the beach to collect some flat rounded stones for me. I intend to crochet around them. I have not done that before so I look forward to try it.

Now it's time to bring Sandra back home.
Wish you all the best.


  1. Those houses look as if they're about to be crushed by the mountain! I'm not sure I could go to sleep at night if I lived there.

  2. i love how the mountain protects the little houses. it looks like you had a good time with sandra - i'm sure it was hard to let her go back home!