Friday, October 5, 2012

We wish you a nice weekend!

Just a quick hello to wish you all a nice weekend.

Viva and I have had such a lovely week, but now we have to break untill next week. I'm beeing busy the whole weekend. Next week I'll make a winter coat and a balerina outfit for her. At my workdesk right now are a pair of summer shoes made in fabric (stretchy) It will cost me alot more work than I thought of from the beginning. They will be part of the red dress outfit.

Below is a photo showing the aprondress from the backside. In fact I had to make her a new aprondress, the first one was a bit too wide. This new one fits much better.

The aprondress outfit almost done. I'm thinking of making a couple of ribbons, so that she can wear pigtails once in awhile. The blue shoes are made of cotton yarn, the soles are made of wool though. Summershoes I think.

Viva says: SEE YA!!

I'm going to party all weekend. Tomorrow night a huge birthday party and Sunday guests of my own.
Untill next week.


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