Sunday, October 14, 2012

Quite pleased


I didn't reach my goal for the week.


I made the coat but the balerina outfit has to wait. I'm not as pleased as I want to be with the tomboy doll. To make her a bit more girly I made her a dress and a west, and the coat. I had much fun making the coat, using all my dressmaker skills. I doubt it will make a differens but I hope that the child who is going to play with this doll will learn something about quality and how things should be made.

It looks like there is a stain on the coat but there isn't. I dwelt a long time before making the pockets, after all they won't be needed but then again they do belong there.

It's quite fun when she holds her hands in the pockets. I know it's not a good habit but.........
She had to get some boots too. A hat of some kind is a must so I'll have to figure out some ideas.

Here she didn't bother to close the coat. Doesn't she look fun? I have to smile when seeing her. Yesterday Sandra and I went on a research for what to use for hair on future dolls. I found some good replacements for the white hair I used on Viva. Viva's hair is so soft that it bows down even when I put it in high standing pigtails.

I did manage to make some mittens too, of course she needs to have mittens during winter. I didn't make the thumb though, that would have been almost impossible to make and even more difficult to use. Her west was ment to be a jacket but sleeves over sleeves isn't that smart, I think, so it became a west instead. Her dress is made of  40 year old bedlinen. I remember my Grandma had some similar to this. By the way her coat is made from the finest wool fabric. I had a suit jacket made in The US back in the 1930's, some time ago I threw it away but kept the back piece because it was such a nice fabric.

I'm excited to see if they will sell. Will people see the differens and does it matter? Time will show.

I hope you've had a good time too.


  1. You're so good at everything you do...very accomplished. All the clothes look great. I especially like the very last photo. So cute!

  2. These dolls are so cute! How much love too!