Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I certainly need to get used to this one.

I hvae to admit that I didn't use my brains when I made her hair. She started out with quite long hair but I had to cut it inot what you see in the photo below. Can you see there is far too much hair? I shouldn't have sewn two strands at the time, one would be enough with this yarn.
I did paint her face using watercolors just to bring her a bit more to life. She is still wet in this photo.

I did it quick and without bad feelings, but I have a hard time getting to know her. This one is not much girly, more like a tomboy in fact. I just have to find her personality and make her some clothes that fits.

She needs color other than white and a much more clear expression. That's my challenge right now. Today I'm having a friend over so it won't be much doll working.
Otherwise it seems we are going to have a sunny day today, much rain lately so a sunny day will brighten up a bit.

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  1. I like her fluffy hair! And the tomboy is adorable, too. You're going to have a houseful of new little friends.