Monday, October 29, 2012



Do you often look through the content in your blog? The old posts.


A doll need a pair of partysandals!

When I see the stats I often get surprised over which posts have been visited. Posts that I forgot about a long time ago.
The top 10 most visited posts are known to me because they show all the time, but the other ones always surprises me. My most visited post shares the name with the American defence department in it's headline and that's the main reason it has all those visits, I believe. It was never in my mind that it would have such an impact. I wrote that post in an early stage of my bloging and had no idea of how it would do. The post I wrote about the colorsystem became a hit too, even though I didn't think it would hold much interest to others.
Other times it's the photos that creates interest, the post where I tell about my newly chrochet bikeseat is a magnet too, because of the photos. One of these photos has been shared several times at pinterest.

I think it's fun to see all the other posts that are being visited, once in a while I have to re read the post myself because I don't remember it. Do you often get surprised?
I can't see any pattern on what people mostly like to read, and I don't think much about what I'm writing. For me it's more like documenting what I'm doing at the moment.

Are you good at planning your posts? Do you consider the SEO's and all that stuff? I don't. Some might think that it's bad not to, but I think we're all different and not all of us try to make money from our blogs. When I first started this blog I made a decission NOT to allow adverticing what so ever. Mostly because I don't like it. What others do is for them to decide. And, I don't think it's wrong to make money from ones blog if that's what the blogowner wants.

Ready for party?

Have a wonderful day everyone.


  1. My most visited post is a recipe! And I hate to cook! I don't think about SEOs and all that stuff when I write a post. I'm like you, I'm just telling what I've been doing.

    Love the little sandal!

  2. I like janet dont think about seos and that stuff, i just write what I feel like that day, it might be boring to some, but life is like that some days