Tuesday, October 30, 2012



Late last evening we went for a walk in the moonshine.

My plan was to photograph our beautiful citypark, to show you the sculptures. Unfortunately all the water was drained out to have a cleanup so it'll have to be another time.
We have this channel and a pond in the middle of our city and it's a beautiful place. An artist, born and raised here but lived his life in Italy, donated the sculptures to our county.
There are a rich birdlife along the water, mostly ducks and some black swancouples too. Some of the sculptures are placed in the water and have lights mounted to light them up.

 See the moon? It was a clear and frosty night, the snow has gone but the frost is still here. The whole park is full of rhododendron bushes, and in spring during the blooming it's stunning.

This is the sculpture called "Little Sunday Princess" she's placed beneath a kentaur. Little Sunday Princess is much loved of all children, they're giving her kisses and shaking hands with her. It doesn't show well in my photo but her hands and cheeks are very shiny because of all the touching.
The artist, no longer alive, is Fritz Røed. I promise to be back with a full version from the park.

Enjoy your day!


  1. The park sounds like a lovely place to walk. And your shot of the moon is beautiful.