Friday, October 19, 2012

Right now......


Since I'm out of ordinary work, I'm concidering to start as a shoemaker.

But I love my present customers, they are greatful for whatever I make. They don't speak and have no wishes. I bet you've guessed what I'm talking about. Doll shoes. The red pair in front are made in fabric, I intend to make a pair in shiny offwhite too ( balerina shoes) I have this white leather to use as soles.

 I've had some difficulties to find buttons for the eyes, but yesterday I found some that I believe can work well. So today I'm going to make another doll. I found some other stuff too, and now I have great plans of what to  make. Isn't that strange, each time I visit a store of this kind I could have baught half the store!

 But, I have too much in my stash to buy much. Some small details are ok though. See the little bird buttons? They're so cute I couldn't leave them behind.
Now, I'll have to start the new doll so this is it for today. Best wishes for all of you.

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  1. The little shoes are adorable! I almost wish I could wear them! And the bird buttons are great...also that rose ribbon. You're going to have the best-dressed dolls ever!