Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sandras day.


It's pretty amazing what this organization does for the children.

I can't show you other than  small glimpses of what has been going on this year.
The evening started with official speaches and a representative from the county gave the organization a certain amount of money. The two speakers ( in Bunad) told us what the whole team had been doing and the children animated it by acting on the stage. Very fun to watch.

Below is the apprentices, Sandras group. They were singing amongst other things. Sandra in the center of my photo.

Here is Sandra's stand. You've seen most of it earlier. She had added some jewelry and a glass she had paint on. This stand was  made all by herself, no adults were allowed to help out decorating for her. We did talk about it, though, the last weekend she was here, and she discussed it further with her mum.

This is a stand made by another apprentice, her theme was horses as you see.

 Jewelry, flowers and lots of different themes. Everything nice displayed, and all of them had their own poster. Everything is organized by the children, even the board work are their responsebility. ( a few adults to keep a certain control and give some advice) Their experiences are of high value for the rest of their lifes. The main slogan is: Learning by doing.

 A proud girl posing in front of her stand. 
In a moment of silence Sandra told me that several adults, unknown to her, had been in contact with her to give their approval of her work. How very nice of them to do so, and how important for Sandra to hear strangers tell her that. Luckily she is good at recieving kind words.

 With MUM!

 Sandra and I, she's eating cake and I'm talking.

On her diploma she got very good remarks and all her work was highly approved. The leader of the apprentice group, Randi, came to me to tell me of her surprise when she saw Sandra's project book. What impressed her the most was that Sandra had made the book itself and that she describes every project so accurate. Randi had shown the book to several other leaders and none of them had seen anything like it before, for a 10 year old that is.
Well, Sandra and I agreed on doing it properly when we first started. And, how can children learn to be accurate if no one shows them how to? To write the process in her book was one of Sandra's favorite tasks. First she wrote on single sheets, just to try different sentenses or different ways of saying it, and then in her book. She loved that, and all the time she felt pride over her doings. That's the way it should be, isn't it?

Nice ta-dah moment this evening!

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  1. Congratulations to Sandra!! What a wonderful experience for her, and so helpful that others acknowledged her hard work. You must be so proud of her.