Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Meet Raggedy Ann.

I've started something that grows in mind.

First of all I had to make her some underwear. I didn't think, just made. It became old fashion like. Have a close look at her back. Even the buttonholes are handsewn. The lace is made directly onto the garment so it works as the final finish. Notice her waistline, dosen't she have an elegant figure?

The neckline has a laceborder too.

 And so does the sleeve edge and the bottom line of her pants. I have to make her another set of underwear, she has to have some in silks I think, and the pants need to be shorter

Her boots was made with winter in mind, and they are part of a complete outfit.
She is a little shy, and asked me to be quick with my camera.

 It's almost like she's blushing.

Here she's got her hat on. It had to be quite large because of all her hair. I'm planning to make her a coat to fit with her shoes and hat. Perhaps something fun for her hands too.

Look at this face, can you see her expectations? Well, that's the way I feel it anyway.

I believe I would have loved a doll like this one when I was a child. All her clothes are going to be real. No cheating in making. I know very well how to make "real" clothes, and I think it's much more fun when it feels correct. Right now I'm making a dress, testdress. I have to make the patterns as good as possible so that takes quite some time. But it will be much more easy if I make anotherone. Besides it's fun to make the patterns too.

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  1. She is adorable! That face is priceless. I love all the little details you've included on her clothes. Any little girl would love to have a doll like this no matter what our age!