Monday, October 8, 2012

A little creating after all.

In between all the battles this weekend I found moments for creating a new doll. It's always something special to see who the new one will be.
A friend of mine came over the other day and said to Handyman : So, your wife has started playing with dolls again. He sort of shake his head and answered : Nothing surprises me anymore.
I believe he was surprised and I'm glad to still be able to surprise him after 35 years.

Cut outs ready for handsewing.

All sewn and waiting to get stuffed

Stuffed and arms and legs in place. Next thing is to give her a bit skintone. I use coffee to "paint" her.

Coffee work done. Before the coffee I wet her with pure water so that the coffee color will be more even.

Below she has got the decorative seams in place. When making these seams I also secure some weak spots. Around the thumbs and the points between her head and shoulder.

Can you see I changed her headform a bit? Not sure how wise that was but now it's done. At this point I'm always excited to see how the face are going to be.

Her face started.

I'll show you the rest later on.

I've had a very effective weekend and am satisfied with every single bit of it. I hope you've had a nice one too!

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  1. It must be a little bit like getting a new member of the family.