Sunday, May 1, 2011

A nice and warm shawl.

Knitted shawl.

I knitted this shawl as one of many. Today I had to put it round my neck because of some aching stiffness.
I've become addicted to these shawls in winter. They (I have a lot of them in different colours) are knitted from alpaca and are very soft and warming.
The best thing about them is that they are so easy to knit. One start with 3 stitches and increases 1 st every other row (one side only and always the same side)untill one have 130 st. Then decrease in the same manner as the inc.

It's decorative to use a contrasting colour and add stripes according to your wishes. On this shawl I used offwhite and made some french knots too. When I made the tassels (don't know if that's the right word) I had no more offwhite yarn left but some in work. I unravelled it and used it. To my big surprise it came out well and different to my expectations. The tassels became real full wich I like.
As a variation one can also knit some of the purl rows, and add some stripes that way too.


  1. Your shawl looks beautiful and warm. About the only thing I can do with knitting needles is make a big mess!

  2. Thanks Janet, as a matter of fact there is some kind of magic in the shawl. Today my neck is good as new. No aching left.
    I'm sure you have a lot of other things you CAN do so don't bother the needles.