Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sandra is journaling.

Sandra weekend.

She got the ball and loved it. I gave her the choice to bring it back home and she decided on that. Suited perfectly for a photo with her black Hello Kitty jacket.

And then the fun started. She was sooo concentrated that she even didn't notice me snapping this photo.
She decided to use some images of Hello Kitty and we did copy them on some of the papers that were teared out of her book. She coloured them and then cut them out.

Then gluing.
I suggested to her to make a list as her first entry, a list of her wishes for the summer, and she did.
I helped her paint the background after she had chosen the colours, the rest is mailnly her own ideas. Ofcourse she looks at my doings and gets inspired by that but it's a good way to learn and practice. Once I told her that whatever she want to do is allowed she relaxed a bit and really enjoyed herself.

This is really her ta-dah moment. How very proud she was, and she had all reasons to be too. Showing me and my husband over and over again. What a joy to see her so happy. And then she started longing for home, (wanted soooo much to show her mom) but that feeling was gone a bit later.

She really wants to have all the drawing/painting stuff that I have and tomorrow we are going down town to look for some. It's such a joy for me to follow her and observe her understanding of things. Development is exiting and I'm learning from her too.


  1. It's great when kids have someone to get them interested in art. Sandra's journal pages look so cute and she looks so happy.

  2. Yeah! Art journal are so much fun, and can be a good friend for life. So glad you have inspired one more person to journal!