Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Some journal pages.

I have been journaling again.

I have been playing with my art journal some days now. It's fun to see how it changes. Mostly because of the way I do it. Right now I'm making some effort to collage but I'm struggeling to leave the raw edges into my journal. ( Can still hear my teachers saying: No no no it have to be neat) Well, I'll fight them back!

In this first page I was going to use some of my decorated paper and I have this old calendar with beutiful images on. The calendar paper is sooo nice too. Very "dry" or not shiny paper.

As you see in top of my page I've used my former decorated paper and it wasn't that bad at all. I was very exited to see if I could use some of them and I could. When finished I noticed that I should have coloured the background a bit more before writing so I'll write myself a note about that.
Mostly I use crayons to add a bit more colour towards the edges and then I use a rag to smear it out. That gives the page a bit more depht I think.

And then there is this issue about the spelling. I do not master the english language well enough to avoid misspellings. Stubborn as I am I don't use a dictionary except when I have no idea of a word. The result was that I spelled vegetable with a w. But I'm a pretty good fixer so it IS possible to fix a mistake afterwords. Did you notice my mistake before I mentioned it?

The next page showed me something unexpected. When I was decorating the papers earlier on I was not especially thrilled about the brownish one. But to my big surprise that was the easiest one to use. Most likely because it was the most neutral of them. The rest are very strong coloured.
At the bottom of this page I've used another one, and this little bit now reminds me of frogeggs. Well, frogeggs belongs to spring too so I used it anyway.
Bla, bla, bla to my old teachers!

At the beginning I did not really understand what this (art journaling) was all about but now I love it. It's a joyful way to create and at the same time all ones pages are gathered in a book and not as one and one sheet lying around. For me it's also interesting to look at my progress and this first journal is going to be my learning journal.

Wish you all the best.


  1. Wow! I love your journal pages. And, no, I didn't notice any misspelled words....and who cares anyway! That's the fun thing about an art can do whatever you want.

  2. Janet you are so sweet, thanks for the kind words. One of my reasons for starting this blog was to refresh my english language and it still irritates ME when I get it wrong. But I won't let it stop me.

  3. Thanks Janet, you're an angel. I try to improve my english that's why it irritates me when misspelling.