Monday, May 23, 2011

Sandras ball.

Sneak peak.

Just a small post this time because it's time for cleaning my studio. This is a sneak peak of the new ball that I'm making. These four first pieces will be the upper half of Sandras ball.
How lucky am I to have Sandra to "blame" it on, hehe.
Sandra is obsessed by Hello Kitty so I thought that would be a good opportunety to try making a child ball.
Sandra has some colouring books here at my place all about Hello Kitty. I've used them to look at when drawing the images. It has been very timeconsuming to make this one. A lot of not visible work, but I really enjoy doing it and can't wait till coming weekend when Sandra is back here. I'll give her the choice to keep the ball here or to bring it home to her own room there.

This ball is equal the size as my first one but the wings are cut back so I'm quite exited to see how it works this time.
When working on this one I got a whole new idea that I have to try. It's stored in my to do pile.
But today is cleaning day ( isj...not enjoyable) and my studio really needs it.

Have a nice day everyone.

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