Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's about time to prepare the Bunad.

May 17th is coming up.

It's Bunad-preparations this time of year with May 17th right around the corner.
I like to let the Bunad hang out for a couple of days before use, and after as well. The shirt have to be ironed and looked over. The shawl and petticoat need a little ironing too and the silver need to be cleaned.

My Bunad is different from the most common Bunad.

I have a socalled "everyday"Bunad. A lot cheaper and almost not in use any more. It's made of cotton ( not as warm as the regulare ones that are made of wool) and I am free to do a little more variations. Not that many rules for mine. I like my Bunad and am proud wearing it. There is a lot of history connected to my silver accessoires.

My silver

First there is my neck-button. I bought that one in an antique marked and I'm not quite sure if it is a mans button. It don't bother me though so I'm proudly wearing it.
The next one is my main brooch (normally this should be a filigree broch) and I inherited this from my grandmother. She got it from her father when she was 14 yo. The broch is a framed silver-coin (2 NKR) wich was made to celebrate Norways independence in 1905. The frame is very nice and the symbols represent clockwise from top: The fishermen, the industry, the farmers and the shippingindustry.
My grandmother used this broch almost every day so all of the family recognize it as hers. I am proud to be the owner now and it's a treasure to me.

Next I wear a broch that belonged to my great grandmother. My aunt (sister of my mom) gave it to me a few years ago. Unfortunately I did newer know great granny but she was an exiting lady. I'm digging in the history.

On the Bunad itself there are 10 small heart eyes to tread the crossings across the chest. These are from my moms Bunad (wich she made herself aged 13) and are made of tin. On the "belt" (can't find the english word for it) there is 2 bigger hearts wich are hook and eye. These were made of tin too but the hook broke apart so I had to buy new ones and in silver. Tin is not in use any more and therefor out of stock. The spear in the end of the silk-string is made of tin too.

My cuff links was my fathers first. He got them aged 14. When he died I was the lucky one to get them. So as you understand I am wearing my family history each time I wear my Bunad, and people are commenting it all the time.

My Bunad

I sewed my Bunad in 2007 and have used it at several occations after that. People always come asking about my Bunad because it don't look like all the other ones. And I'm proud. I don't believe that all the women back in old days was wearing dresses that looked the same, all over. That's why I appreciate my own that much.

The last photo shows my handknitted shawl and petticoat. The petticoat is worn under the Bunad ofcourse. But when sitting it's peeking out and always leads to discussions. It's very practical to have the possibility to wear the petticoat because the weather can be really cold this time of year. My shawl is warming too and I use it if I feel a bit cold.

Well that was the storey of my Bunad, hope you have enjoied it.

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