Saturday, May 21, 2011

Owls in my journal

I was trying to draw an owl and thought I would keep it in my journal together with different images of owls. There's really nothing special to that page other than the owls and their fun apperance. The one that I drew I was colouring/painting when in the phone so it's not a masterpiece but well enough to keep I think.
The pale pink dotted paper that I used was nothing I recomend others to use in their journal. It's kind of waxed and the paint/markers won't stick to it. My pink pen worked but needed a loooooooooong time to dry up. So no more of that paper for me.

In the other page I was trying to make another kind of background, and it looks exiting. I shall try it over again later on. It will suit me better with the brush strokes horisontally so I have a couple of spreads left before I can do that.
Right now I'm so into making balls that it'll have to wait a bit. I tink I've become a ball addict.

Have a nice weekend everyone.


  1. Your owl is great! I've been seeing owls pop up in a lot of art lately.

  2. it looks like you are having fun exploring with this page - i think that art journals are the best play things us 'adults' can have.