Friday, May 6, 2011

Some small cuties.

This is what I've been doing lately.

I came across a blog wich is called Peony and Parakeet. Probably the Peony-word that attracted me. This designer,from Finland, has a lot of good ideas and she makes some absolutely stunning folk bags. I really recomend you to have a look. She shares some good ideas on how to fill a sheet of paper with paint and doodling too and ofcourse many other things.
She has designed her own fabrics from knittingpatterns she has made herself. It all looks so great. No doubt she is skilled.
I got really inspired and saw very quick that small bags could be a good thing to make to minimize my stash piles a bit. I have "almost" decided to not buy anything new before I have used a lot from what I have.
I'm absolutely not going to make folk bags like her, but more like party-bags or stash-bags or whatever you want-bags.

Have a look here.

This was my first try, not perfect but good as a learner.

My second attempt.

With this one I thought of making a bag without all the colours I so often use. All the way from the beginning I felt this was a dull one. But when I at last added some colour to it, it wasn't that dull after all.


This is my favourite so far. This is the only one where I've knitted the body and that makes it a little flexible. I really like this one. New ideas and possibilities are flowing all the time at this point.
The size of this one are very good too. I'll have to decide on a more even size since all of them now are different. I use a DVD as a startpoint for the bottom of the bags and despite of that they are different sizes.
Don't know whether you can see it but the tiny lace is made of one-strand wool yarn. The laces are handsewn onto the bags so it's possible to remove them if they are not wanted. In this bag I needed some black and made this lace. I could ofcourse have made something else than a lace and got some ideas for that right now.

The last one.

Now, this is my last one so far and in this I've chosen all the matching colours. What I've learnt is that I should follow my feelings rather than my brains. This one IS dull even if it's coloured. The first one has colours a bit out of range but even so it's more like me.

These bags are all a bit romantic but I'll try to make some with another expression. Just can't wait to get started.

What do you think, anyone who could think of owning one?

Wish you all a nice and creative weekend.

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