Monday, May 2, 2011

These are my surroundings.

Today I'll show you where I live.

Our house was built in 1913 and is still a very good place to live. The windows and outside walls were repaired in 1984 and that did change the house more than I like. :-(( We were lucky enough to get some photos of how the house looked like before the repair, and my hope is that we one day can transform it back to it's former beauty.
We, my husband and I, bought this house in 2000.

I stand right outside our conservatory to get this photo.

As you can see we painted the house a very pale sand colour and all the decorations are white. Moss is a contrasting colour. This next photo shows the entrance wich we built new some years ago. The old one was soooo tiny and completely rotten. It is my husband who is the handyman.

Look at this beauty, this is the way it was from the start.

This photo shows our tiny little barn whic is no longer a barn but a garage. This house was completely out of shape when we bought the property. The question was if we were going to repair it or tear it. We did repair it and maintained the courtyard as it was ment to be from the beginning.

This photo shows the garage ( door, gate or whatever it's called) It was very important to us to keep the barns exteriour as original as possible and at the same time be able to use it for our times "horses" hehe. My handyman has his own place at ground level beside the garage where he is doing his magic with tools and other things.The barn loft is in use for storage.

This is a small outhouse and this were my garage when I still had my car. The rest of the house is for storage ( a million things we don't need) From the start this was a henhouse and it also contains the original pit privy. (three seats) Empty and not in use any more.
The wall in the background is connecting the two houses and makes a great space for us to stay out enjoying the sun.

Since this was ment to be a henhouse I thought I had to decorate the window with some hens. This display always leads to laughter and discussions and kids are always interested in the hens.

Behind the outhouse we have our vegetable garden. Uha... it looks so naked, we've just cut down all the hedges. They were 2 meters high and desperately needed to be cut back.

This is our conservatory. My husband built it using some very old windows we had here. The door is from one of our neighbours. Behind the house the hedge is growing and I really hope it shows up in a hurry again.

For many years I tried to get the birds to drink from this bowle but they never did, untill I filled the bowle with small stones. Now there are birds drinking and "swimming" all the time even bigger birds. They do "soilbathing" in the flowerbed behind it too and it amuses me to see.
The rest of my photos shows the garden surrounding the house and need no further comments. Notice the stone fence in the next photo, built almost a hundred years ago and still in shape.


  1. You have such a lovely home. I think the hens in the window are the perfect touch.

  2. Thank you Janet, we love our home too.

  3. If this were my "corner" I would never leave! Oh my, what a beautiful, magical place in which to live! It's no wonder everything you do is lovely ... the setting is so inspiring!

  4. Lis when my partner and I shut down our botique last August my heart were filled with joy because of the knowledge that I was going to stay at home foreeeeeever........ I just don't want to leave home. I know that I'm very lucky to be able to say that and not least to have the economic possibility.

  5. so beautiful! what a charming house.

  6. Thanks Jenny, I might perhaps take you a "tour" inside as well. Sometime when the mood arrives.