Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More testing in my art journal.

A lot of testing going on.

I'm really enjoying to do all these tests. The first one was a try to use the 3 primary colours only. My red is not wich is counted as the primary but I tried inspite of that. Have you tried to make/mix your own colours from these 3 ? The black is the most exiting. It's so soft and beautiful and mixed with white the grey shades are nice too.

The next page was testing backgrounds. It's exiting to try new things and this background is promising. I'll show you and write about a better one later on.

On this spread I tried some other new (to me) things. I'm very pleased how the background came out here and this method gave some new ideas to try later on. I do try out texting too mostly on top of magazines. I can't decide what I like the best. It does ofcourse look nice and clean when using stencil letters but at the same time a bit dead....or not as much alive as handwriting. I don't know at the moment so I'm going to continue my testing.
That's all for today, my studio still need some work so I have to get it done.

Nice day to you all.

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