Thursday, April 28, 2011

Working in sunshine.

This has been my workingspace today.

Today has been summer. I moved my stuff outside to enjoy the sun and still do some work. It has been such a lovely day. The birds singing, the sun shining and me smiling. Couldn't be any better.

Some days ago I painted some pages ment to work on. I wasn't quite satisfied with the result and didn't know exactly what to do to them.
Early this morning I was reading Janets blog and she inspired me to continue my painted papers. So thanks to Janet for the inspiration.

I'm thinking of tearing my papers apart and use them for some collages (well, try to make some) I still have a couple of pages left to work on but tonight I'll have to prepare some new ones.
The first one I'm not sure if it's finished but when I saw it on the picture it reminds me of a sunrise. Perhaps it's done after all.

The picture below was a little too dark in my opinion but when I made it look like a waterfall it's not bad at all. In the end it doesn't matter what it looks like anyway.

This was the first I made. I've used acrylics, markers, stamps and stencils. How quick time goes by when one have some enjoyable things to do.

The last was a challange since all the colours was so similar to each other but I feel they came out well.

My favorite is the right side of the last picture, which one is yours?

Whish you all the best.


  1. Laila, these are great! I love the waterfall and the sunrise. Isn't it fun to just sit and doodle and then end up with a beautiful paper? I love your little outside space to sit in the sun and create.

  2. Oh,thanks a lot Janet. I have a long way to go before I can match yours but I'm on my way and yes it is fun to be in a flow.
    Outside in the sun was perfect and in that space I'm in private too.

  3. I'm still staring at your lovely painting spot outside! What an beautiful place to create! I love the colors you use and how there is a wonderful decorative and patterning quality in your pages that seems to spill over from your fiber work. I love them all ... the last spread is especially lovely but my favorite is the third pinkish flowers. Really stunning!

  4. Lis thank you so much for your kind words, they make my day!! I really get inspired of all this. Right now I'm making something sooooo cute but I think I will make at least 3 pices before showing them off. Yarn and fabric this time.