Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My exiting to make "ball"

You should try this once.

I had imagined that the ball would look a bit more rounded, but this was my learning ball. I'm hooked. I'm starting a new one immediately after writing this post. The decorating part is so fun to do. Almost like meditating. This ball will have its place right inside my front door, to welcome visitors.

It's made of 8 circles Ø 20 cm ( 8 inches)
I had some old papers that I used and then glued on strips of book papers. It's neccesary that the circles are a bit sturdy.

As you see I've used the lotus flower as pattern. That was why I connected the ball to meditating. (lotus is often used as a symbol in meditation)

This ball can be used in several projects. One could make a ball to a newborn and use date, time and year as part of the symbols. It could be used as table decoration and lots of other things.

The photo above is taken me lying on the floor.

Here you see it hanging in a little distance and here you can see that it's not that ballshaped. The next one will be though. I have it all figured out.

Wish you all the best.


  1. Ball shaped or not, it's beautiful! I love the bright colors, and the lotus design is one of my favorites. What a lovely way to greet your guests.

  2. Thanks Janet, it was so fun making the lotus flower. Next ball will have just one colour at the background to make it look a bit more calm.
    (if that's possible with all the other colours)